The three variables which determine human behavior.

1. Past history of conditioning or learning.

I think we can agree that for the most part when we come into this world we are virtually a blank page. Hour by hour, day by day, week by week, month by month and year by year the environment fills up this blank page. Schools, churches, friends, parents, and any other part of the environment we interact with puts it’s imprint, teaching or fills up those blank pages. In china, its no surprise they speak Chinese, in Germany, of course they speak German. Not only do they speak the appropriate language, but also they learn most of the individual elements of their culture. If you break it down even more, they learn the peculiarities of their neighborhoods. I could go on and on, but I think you get the point. We are products of our environment. Yes, I know the one about one brother becomes a priest and the other a criminal. You get caught by saying they both lived in the same environment. There is no such thing as “the same environment’. The brothers each have very unique experiences growing up.

2. Conditions that are present at the time of the behavior.

People don’t usually speak if there is no one there to speak to. We think these people as being rather odd. People usually don’t poop on the living room floor. They look for a bathroom. People don’t usually try to drink from a stool. They look for a fountain. People don’t talk at hearing end of a phone. Now, often one will see a little baby do many of the above behavior. Why”, they have not learned the appropriate behaviors for these situations. As time goes on and the baby interacts with people and the rest of the environment, he/she learns the appropriate behavior for the various situations. All of these behavior in 1.and 2. above are very simple behaviors which is a good place to start to see that are a function of something. That something is Past history of learning and the Conditions present at the time of the behavior. If one is unable to see how these simple behavior are learned put forth in certain environments then there is no need to go into much more complex behavior at this time.

3. Level of deprivation or level of need.

This one is more difficult to see at times. The old saying, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink”, is not true. All you have to do is wait until the horse is thirsty, or in need of water, and he will drink. If you just finished with sex, usually one needs to wait a bit for the next round, or have the need build up a bit. Unless you are 14 to 25 years old. They have a high level of deprivation much of the time. If you are thirsty, you will drink. If you are hungry, you will eat given there if no incompatible stuff going on. Usually, a rich man will not sleep under a bridge. He can get a hotel or go home. He does not have much deprivation for shelter at this time.
Now, it is the interaction of these three variables that determine if a behavior is engaged in. It appears very simple, but it gets very complex . But, its brief and to the point without philosophy entering into it at this time.

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Brilliantly said.
Of course you think for yourself and will not be told what to think.
Surely as these things you have pointed out are logical to you and me.
Of course until we are told at any early age the truth we will grow up to be easily lead, We must be taught wrong from right but by the RIGHT people.
A little late for a reply, but better late than never some say. Taught right from wrong by the right people. You are right one. No pun intended. But, there seems to be a shortage of the right people.
I don't think we should be taught wrong from right by anyone. I believe we should be exposed to all sorts of situations and learn for ourselves what right and wrong mean. We have to decide that individually.

Society dictates "right" and "wrong," as they are just ideas to be defined as humans see fit. If we learn what constitutes "right" and "wrong" then we are only learning the dogma of the locale/era. What is "right' in one society may not be "right" in another. What's "wrong" among most human societies may be perfectly acceptable throughout most of the animal kingdom.
Zak..There is a good example of determinism in action. Whenever something is suppressed, almost always it becomes excessive and aggressive and other negatives. Look at pot. 10,000 and some people killed in mexico in the past year. Our prisons filled with mostly pot dealers or pot smokers. We do live in a insane society if we keep doing the same things and expecting different results. Every time I hear a preacher or politician talk, it simply sickens me. In a certain way I envy them. It is said ignorance is bliss. Damn, I would like a little bliss.
This aren't bad, but excludes factors such as evolutionary psychology and our traits and tendencies as a species. It also excludes sociological factors such as level of wealth, sex, race, geographic location, etc. These are predetermined things which have a heavy influence on how people develop.
Frank. Yes the factors you mentioned are part of one of three variables. ie Past history of learning or conditioning and do go into what a person is likely to do. Its all about probabilities. Nothing is definite, You just increase or decrease the probabilities of something happening. Being raised in a black ghettos. would increase certain probabilities of drugs and other behaviors,.
I thought one would see that ones history of conditioning would cover most of the aspects that you mentioned. One has a history with all of the factors you mentioned. This is one of the determinants. They are not pre determinants, but they do determine if one does one thing or another in terms of probabilities. I do not preclude certain, what I call pre dispositions we are born with, ie. a big person is more likey to be a bully than a short small person.
Agreed there are some factors as a species that we are born with. The trouble is as I'm sure you know, is we really can't do a hell of a lot about these factors. I believe I mentioned on another post that a large person is much more likely to be aggressive ie a bully, then a rather short, smaller person., But, wealth, sex, race and such really are covered by past history of conditioning. They are item that make up that persons history. Have you ever been in a room with all blacks? I doubt you would be all that comfortable. That's no accident. Its part of white conditioning.
You don't have a history of taking a dump on the living room floor. and not having seen other do so either. And you just might think of the consequences for you later. ie cleaning it up. Add to that, your deprevation for taking a dump may or may not be to the point you have too take a dump at this time.
NO need to add free will in to this at any point to explain the behavior. Its just you've been taught to think in free will terms. Like some people are taught too believe in god, jesus, and the sin, heaven and hell etc.
gods don't shit. Don't you know that.
Very funny. Holy shit is even more prominent. I wonder how that ever got started.


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