Did anyone else watch it?
I watched for about 2 hours.
Almost 100,000 people were there. There were over 100,000 watching on facebook.

On the daily show they showed a clip of him saying he hadn't realized the date was the same as mlk's speech. Then during the speech they repeated over and over that it was the anniversary of his speech and even had his niece speak there.

I don't know. Just wanted to see other peoples thoughts on the rally.

Thanks doone

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Oh I see. when I was watching on facebook people on the chat kept repeating 500,000 people were there. It makes sense that they were just repeating what they had heard was the largest possible amount of people there. i guess I should have known better. Still though, there were an awful lot.
Bill O'Reilly promised to cancel his show if Beck got over 100,000 people there!
The current estimate is 87-96,000. So I guess O'Reilly stays, sad as that is.
And remember Rush promising to leave the country if Health Care passed? I guess we all know how good these guy's words are.
All all I know is that this guy is a sham. He is a poor actor, and it is so sad that people in the US actually think this he is a credible person.
I would argue that he might be one of the greatest actors of our time, you have to be pretty impressive to con hundreds of thousands of people. But yes, he is a sham, and it is indeed a pathetic thing that so many people are being decieved.
It would be better if he were just stupid. What exactly do you think he's trying to to do with all this shit?
Money and power plain and simple. He's no different than these CEOs just thinking about the best way to make the most money they can before they die, and to hell with everyone else. It doesn't matter if they have a long lasting effect because they will be dead before there are any serious consequences.
Well, I would say... apparently you don't have to be a very impressive actor to con people. I find him painfully unbelievable and it absolutely stuns me people don't see straight through him! I mean, sure it's impressive (?) that he does have such a following, but he'd certainly never win an Oscar. I'm sure he'd get some award from TBN though, for best Christian/Mormon actor (they are notorious for horrendous acting).
you don't have to be as impressive if you are saying what people want to hear..... They want scape goats to blame and he gives them to them.
I agree. I watched his show once in a while just to see what the fuss is all about, and I can't understand for the life of me how anyone can consider him credible or even somewhat knowledgeable. Scary thing is, I'm on another board where this one member eats Beck's shit up left right and center... and he's an Atheist!!!!?!!!! He's VERY conservative, and pretty much always agrees with Beck, yet just ignores his pro religion BS.
Thats funny especially considering the three "topics of study" at Beck university are faith hope and charity. yikes.


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