Did anyone else watch it?
I watched for about 2 hours.
Almost 100,000 people were there. There were over 100,000 watching on facebook.

On the daily show they showed a clip of him saying he hadn't realized the date was the same as mlk's speech. Then during the speech they repeated over and over that it was the anniversary of his speech and even had his niece speak there.

I don't know. Just wanted to see other peoples thoughts on the rally.

Thanks doone

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I can't believe I didn't get a single comment on this video I posted....and it clearly is all about people like Glenn Beck and the 'suckers' who listen to his kinda crap.

Wesley this video is awesome. Thank you for posting.
Awesome video man, dig it.

Can I get a video or transcript of this event? I'm in the Philippines and am just now hearing about this.
Thanks Chelsea!

I'm clicking links now . . .
It makes my brain hurt.

Here's a great video my friend shot at the rally talking to some of the "patriots" down there.

"the best country in the united states" Thanks for the video!
You know, there was a video from early 2009 where Beck was speaking with Penn Jillette, and it was actually watchable. What the hell happened to Glenn Beck to have him go completely off his rocker? Did the schizophrenia finally take over?
OK, so someone in our office gets Beck's daily newsletter sent to our shared address at work. We today there was a laughable little gem. It stated something about proof that God approved of the event so he provided his version of a military fly over and that some one was lucky enough to catch it on tape... OK, so I watched the video and what did I find? A flock of migratory geese flying by in the standard delta formation... Really? This somehow passes for a miracle? (maybe if you're in the ICP...) OK, so a flock of geese flew by nearing the end of summer. Oh so surprising. "But, but, but they flew over the reflecting pool. DO you really think that's just a coincidence?" That's what I'd expect someone to ask next. Of course you would then have to remind them that migratory birds quite often use landmarks to map their annual travels... How someone can think that such a commonplace event is divine proof is beyond me.

Also, here's 'informative' interviews from those in attendance... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ht8PmEjxUfg&feature=player_embedded


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