The first problem for all of us, men and women, is not to learn, but to unlearn.

~Gloria Steinem~

There are few things I am more passionate about than violence against women. It has become my life's work to fight for women who are not empowered to fight for themselves. But what history has shown us, time and time again, is that women are strong in numbers. No body can fuck with us when we come with a vengeance.

Here in the United States, women have it good compared to many other places of the world. Particularly when it comes to our style of dress. 

Iranian women.....Do not have that luxury. 

Now there is a movement..and AMAZING movement that you not only need to be aware of, you need to get behind and support!!!

First you need to know that the required style of dress of Iranian women shown below, restricts their freedom...


If I were forced to dress like that everyday, honestly I would go insane...

Now to be fair, I'm sure there are some women who may believe that they like this sort of restriction...they sort of have no choice because it's mandatory...or do they?....


Iranian women are starting to stand up in large numbers against this senseless oppression.

Masih Alinejad is a name you need to learn and fast. 

She is bravely putting her own personal freedom on the line...but so are millions of women. Please look at these BEAUTIFUL women proudly saying, "I LOVE the feel of the WIND BLOWING THROUGH MY HAIR!!!!" LOL!!!!

It is a sign of hope that our world is starting to change. Women are leading the way! Women have the power to change the world.

Please get behind this movement and support these women! They deserve it. They deserve to be free and express their beauty any way they please...

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Let it be noted that while the Hijab is mandatory...the chador is by far the most common. That means you see a whole lot of black in Iran (though little face covering and almost never the Burkha). Believe it or not...a majority of Iranians find the forced use of the Burkha in Afghanistan (and their black counterpart in Saudi Arabia) repulsive. That's right...a society that forces women to cover up to an extent...finds a more extreme forced cover-up to be somewhat savage.

Here is a video from Ted Talks (and a recent Sunday School) on the headscarf.

Thanks for that Reg, what an AMAZING WOMAN!!! I really enjoyed that Ted Talk. It's women like her who inspire me...

It was also a bit of a slap in the face...because I realized that I possibly carried some of those biases she was talking about...I just really loved that. Thank you.

Here is some news on the recent volleyball game against the USA in Teheran. Video.

At least Saudi Arabia held a Women's Conference!!

What are we going to do about Saudi Arabia.......

Iranian women are beautiful. It's time they push the boundaries and demand something resembling equality of the sexes.

Nice to see people having a good hair day!

They may even invent one that allows the wearer to breathe, someday.


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