"If you have something you don't want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place." Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman, Google

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So much for 'Don't be evil".  I've started using StartPage for my googling, they have a vastly better privacy policy.

Thanks, Dave. That's a start.

I agree with the statement by Eric Schmidt.  If you have to lie about something, it's a sign that you shouldn't be doing it.  He only said "maybe". 

Unbelievable, Simon. So you're perfectly happy to have all your personal habits, all your bedroom preferences, all your financial details available to anyone who's curious? We're not talking about lying or even anything illegal - just stuff "you don't want anyone to know". Have you no understanding about the meaning of privacy?

Schmidt's statement is not only outrageous, it's downright scary! It's certainly enough for me to start moving away from Google.


The only people who need to know when I buy "toys" online are the suppliers. My penchant for silicone is nobody else's business.

But you didn't lie about it.  You just told all of us. 

I gave you a hint. The specifics are the secret.

Somethings I research things I don't want people who don't know me to know as they would consider me a danger to society. But nearly everything I look up is just research be it for film making or music or just general knowledge. For example looking up how to stab someone in the right place to kill the instantly. Well I in no way intend to do such a thing but in a film well a certain amount of realism is needed so I look it up.

Take a look at this alternative.....https://duckduckgo.com/ and click on "anonymously" for info.

Thanks. Tried it. Looks good at first glance. The proof, in the long run, will be, "do these Google search alternatives deliver the goods, ie. return the most pertinent list of sites - or which comes closest?" Google got where it is chiefly because it was, by far, the best search engine of its day. 

The REAL scary thing, though, is that Google is SO much more pervasive than search.

I was impressed by, and therefore followed every direction that Google took - until a few years ago. I was, however, singularly UNimpressed by Google's immediate willingness to acquiesce to China's censorship policy. If it were up to me, I'd have told them to f-off. As it turns out Chinese people use other products over Google products overwhelmingly anyway, so it would especially have been a good propaganda move to side with the people over government pressure.

Take a step back ignoring who said it and who he works for and just read the statement. It's advice to consider.

But looking at it with who said it - yes, very disturbing.

I, too set my default search a couple years ago to DuckDuckGo, since google kept insisting on "correcting" my search term. It's likely that most people appreciate the correction, but I got tired of adding quotes around my search term. 

And I saw greed in their policy drive up people's private roadways to take pictures for streetview.


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