After every major shooting, the gun control advocates can be counted on to ask "NOW can't you see the need for gun control?" But does gun control really make sense?

Would gun control have prevented this slaughter? I doubt it. Guns will continue to be available for the person determined to get one, and the kind of person who does something like the Colorado movie theater shooting would be determined.

The problem isn't the weapon, it's the intent, and there are plenty of other ways to kill. There are even plenty of ways to kill en masse. A bomb brought into the theater could have killed more as could an incendiary device. In other contexts, there's poisoning food or water.

Is the cause of gun violence really the availability of guns or is it the nature of the people who use them? Other countries have similar or greater rates of gun possession (I believe both Israel and Switzerland have higher rates), but they don't have nearly the rate of gun violence.

The difference in gun violence between Switzerland and the United States comes down to the difference between the Swiss people and Americans, and I don't see Americans changing in any fundamental way anytime soon.

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Simple answer: No.

Gun control would just make it harder for people who actually want a gun for 1. in house defense only 2. hunters 3. gun collectors to obtain a gun. More gun control will just make it harder and more of a hassle for people who do not plan on doing anything more then stated above. If someone, like the shooter from Colorado, who plans on using a gun(s) to harm and or kill a person/people they will obtain those guns, regardless of the laws.

From what I've read, not looking for a debate but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, Obama wants to outlaw the ownership of semiautomatic weapons. There are several gun collectors, I know a few personally, who buy them and show case them. We go out and shoot them in a safe environment that is specially setup and all safety measures are gone over and double checked before anyone even gets to hold the gun. Collecting guns is no different then per say collecting cars.

It's in times like this that everyone seems to forget the saying that was etched in my head since I was first introduced to the world of hunting and guns. "Guns don't kill people. People kill people." I have yet to see that saying proven wrong.

RE: "Guns don't kill people. People kill people."

Guns don't kill people. People with guns kill people.

People with guns kill people without guns. One or two people in the theater with sidearms might (and I stress "might") have saved dozens. One shot to the head would have brought the slaughter to an end.

We'll never know, but it's quite possible.

My house was invaded by three people as a teenager. The neighborhood was constantly getting looted by these guys. My father blasted them out of the house. They left town never to be heard of again. Why try to break into someones house when you could possibly die?  

The factor that drives people who are against gun "control" nuts is that the regulations tend to be drafted by people who have a limited exposure to firearms.

Putting an NRA sticker on your front and back door along with a "Beware of Dog" sign in the front yard and some fake video surveillance cameras might offer nearly as much protection as a gun. Perhaps more.

i think you meant deterrent, in relevance to determination.


Survivor of 1991 Luby's Massacre in TX on gun control laws. She had it right 20 years ago.

Yep - she sure did - if it was too late for gun control then, it is as sure as eggs, too late now - America is on a downward spiral with guns, without an end in site - guns are out of control - if this woman couldn't go for a meal without her parents dying - Americans just don't get it, never will.

Who's next? Land of the free - nope, controlled by fear, religion and guns. The most powerful country on earth - nope, sliding downhill fast. Generally lost the plot - AND Mitt Romney could be your next President.  

@Gregg R Thomas - I carry a gun everywhere I go because "The Joker" can be anywhere - I find it really sad that is the mindset and that is the fear. But what is really sad it will never change. So many more are going to die.

Disenfranchised people + guns = Massacres

Sophie says: "the regulations tend to be drafted by people who have a limited exposure to firearms." I would add they are also people who do not face the same risks, take for example Rosie O'Donald who doesn't want you to have a gun but wants her body guards to have them. I carry everywhere I go because "The Joker" can be anywhere.

Go, Rosie!

Well said.


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