Were you baptized as a baby or as a young person?

Do you hold a sense of contempt to whomever had it done or don't care one way or another?

Tell me how you feel 'bout it.

Would you have your child baptized if your lover wanted to have your child baptized?

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Being Protestant, I wasn't baptized. I guess I don't understand why anyone would be mad about that if they later decide they don't believe in an afterlife at all. I mean, I understand if they decide to be in another religion, but... if not... it's like being mad they gave you a bath and did a rain dance around you.
My parents are Catholic, so I was baptized. Luckily I was never confirmed though. I don't really care about being baptized, since I know it's a bunch of pointless BS. At the same time I wish I wasn't, but I don't hold it against my parents. If my GF and I were to have a kid, I can say for certain that I WOULD NOT get them baptized. I wouldn't force Atheism on them, but I would arm them with all the facts to make up their own mind. With all the info, it would be pretty unlikely for any unspoiled mind to believing in an 'all powerful invisible sky master'.
I was baptized at least once, when I was about 10 or 11. Don't know about when I was a baby, I'd have to ask my parents. I don't see any reason to be upset about it, I was a believer in those days and these days it all seems rather unimportant. It's not like I can go back in time and un-baptize myself, nor would it mean anything if I did. (Aside from winning the Nobel Prize for developing time travel)
This is an old argument, with many "protestant" or "anabaptist" groups forming in the 1500's as they determined that to be a Christian, it must be a personal choice, and that the mysticism surrounding the rituals of the Roman Catholic church were bunk. Like the sale of indulgences, Baptism was distorted into a salvic function, which it never was intended to be. Instead, it was a symbolic gesture of a change of mind, heart and spirit.

I was baptized when I was fairly young, but not as an infant. Infant baptism in my opinion is pointless. If a little charm or ritual is able to transform someone into more "spiritual" person, then why are we all not saints?

I stick with Menno Simmons, George Blaurock, Zwingli, etc... on their views of baptism.

I was an Anglican, so I was Christened :) Then confirmed even ... by my own free will, as I didn't find my atheism until later in life.

Why would I feel contempt for my parents? They were just doing what they felt was right at the time ... should I feel contempt for my younger self for being a believer? That would indicate I should feel contempt for any and all stupid decisions I made when I was younger than I am now, and I don't. Neither do I regret those decisions, even the bad ones, as they've made me what I am today, and I'm happy with that.

So I guess I'm in the "don't care" camp here.

Also, yes I would, what harm does it do to a baby? A little wet forehead and that's all. Having that child forced into a belief system without choice, sure, yes I would object to that - and before you say anything, a baptism or christening of a child too young to even remember it is not enforcing a choice IMNSHO.

But both of my existing children are now old enough and what's more smart enough to make their own decisions on the matter .. I would hope that any parent would respect their kid's right to make their own calls - even if it means they fuck up. In my book a good parent will counsel against those decisions, and support their kids through them, but not try to take that decision away from them.

My atheism isn't an anti-religious crusade I'm afraid. If people want to delude themselves and listen to their imaginary friends commands, that's all good with me ... and of course there are exceptions to that rule, and of course I find these people deluded and have no problem telling them.

I guess that in my country (not America) people tend to be a little more tolerant and a lot less fundie ..
I was never baptized. As a kid, it bothered me because my friends had all been baptized. However, now I am glad my parents chose not to have me baptized. Although, it really doesn't matter either way because it's just a magic bath that really isn't all that magical.
I was baptized as a baby in the Methodist church and then again at the age of 13 in the United Pentecostal church (once I had reached the "age of reason"). I couldn't care less about it.

As to my partner wanting our child to be baptized, I would put up a fuss. But, in the end, it's a useless ritual meant to give peace of mind to the parents - so what. Would I be with someone who thought it was that important? That's another issue altogether.

Yes, you got the short end of the stick there, Bill.
Were you baptized as a baby or as a young person?

I was the youngest person ever baptized in my church. I was around nine but fevertly believed and had been preaching and singing, since I could talk at my parent's behest.

Do you hold a sense of contempt to whomever had it done or don't care one way or another?

A sense of contempt is deplorable IMO, people change. Babies in particularly have no choice in what happens baptism-wise nor do the brainwashed.

Tell me how you feel 'bout it.

I think I just did.

Would you have your child baptized if your lover wanted to have your child baptized?

I might. I don't see how it could hurt the child to have either a ceremony that meant nothing and was simply foolish or one that, if god existed, might safe it's soul. (I'm more agnostic than atheist.)

My kids have been baptized and you might find this strange but it was a preemptive and legal move. My ex was taking my daugther to a cult church and trying to twist her head. At the same time, he was always threatening me about going to court.

I was fully prepared to go through catechism and join a loving tolerant church if I needed to so that the courts would look more favorably on our situation than his.

Furthermore, if she were going to be baptized I wanted it done first by us in a church that I felt was loving and tolerant rather than secretive and controlling. That I did. I'm not sorry. It certainly didn't hurt my kids.

Today both my kids have NO interest in religion even though we are surrounded by people who are obsessed with it. Yay!
I was baptized as a baby. I forget what kind of church, but it wasn't Catholic. Not sure what was going on with my parents back then, but my 2 sisters and I were eventually raised going to a Quaker church, even though neither of my parents had been raised that way. (Quakers don't baptize.)

I really couldn't care less about the baptism, though it did provide me one convenience:

I was able to marry my wife in a Catholic church (her parent's requirement, and they were paying). Apparently Catholics can marry non-Catholics as long as they were baptized as Christians. I was not out as an atheist (or really thinking about such issues) at that time, and having been baptized at least dispensed with what I can only imagine would have been very tedious religious education & rituals to somehow get me up to spec.

I also eventually allowed her to baptize our kid. Like with my own baptism, this part is meaningless to me, since it was done when he was a baby.

What I do have a problem with is sending him to CCD now that he's thinking for himself. So far he has been going to these weekly classes but they have already ended for the summer. I have not yet taken a strong stance against CCD with my wife, though I plan to before it starts again in the fall.

The funny thing is, even my wife never goes to church (even on holidays) - unless we are attending some kind of special mass for a relative. Religion never comes up in any other ways in our life, but she just feels this is something she needs to do for our son.

I may start a separate thread on this issue of "mixed marriages" & kids.
I was baptized as a baby, I was confirmed at the age of 12 - the whole shebang, basically. I'm definitely not upset that my parents decided to do so. I'm glad that even after baptizing me and all that other stuff, my parents (mom, mostly - dad is atheist) still gave me room to breath, and allowed me to make choices when it came to religion. There was never a "brainwashing" feeling, and I'm really happy about that. I don't think I'd ever get my child baptized, but I don't hold it against my parents.
Were you baptized as a baby or as a young person?
I was an infant and was baptized into the RCC

Do you hold a sense of contempt to whomever had it done or don't care one way or another? Tell me how you feel 'bout it.
I never really cared as a Christian or now as an atheist. I always viewed it as a symbol for the parents, and I never really bought the idea that it made me a member of the body of Christ or cleansed me from original sin. I just checked it off my list of things to do ;)

Would you have your child baptized if your lover wanted to have your child baptized?
I would not baptize a child since I do not believe in any of the symbology, theology, or reasons behind it. It's an empty, silly practice that has no impact on my life. But that's my own choice. If my partner wanted to do it, I would have to really discuss (and I do mean discuss why the hell they want to do it and what their beliefs are. I don't "do" baby life insurance through baptism. no.


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