I was so distressed by this that I couldn't sleep after hearing about it on the radio.  How is quoting the bible considered grounds for a factual and rational argument for something of such serious content, especially within our government?


My mind kept parroting two things at me:

1. Give me one bible quote arguing for god's sanctity for life, and I will give you three where he condones/encourages/roots enthusiastically for murder.

2. I hope the Right to Life of Idaho folks never have to watch a loved one suffer the end stages of a terminal disease.  I'd hate for them to suddenly want to show any mercy for their fellow man by allowing them to die peacefully and with dignity instead of in excruciating, painful agony.  


What are your comments? 



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I'm glad I'm not the only one who got really angry-- 'cause I did.  One of my friends told me that I didn't have enough information to know whether this bill was possibly passing due to relgious reasoning and that it's perfectly legal (due to freedom of speech) to bring religious views into the courtroom.  Bah!   
Can't help but wonder what would be your friend's reaction to a Muslim bringing his Sharia law views into a courtroom.
Oh, he's the type of person who will take the other side of the argument simply for argument's sake.  He's horribly pessimistic, as well.  Kind of a downer, now that I consider it.

Here is an excerpt from one parties election manifesto in Ireland for next week’s general election:

The party will implement “legislation to provide for recognition of Advance Care Directives” under which patients could indicate their personal wishes as regards end-of-life and palliative care treatment.

@Kai – I take your point. What I mean is they are not living up to the ideals that they claim Jesus preached about love and compassion for others. So they are bad at doing “Christianity”. I would not like them living next door to me.

Fair enough. I figured that is what you had meant. Just thought it was worth clarifying that they're all in the same boat, and we shouldn't let any of them get away with arguments about who's a real believer or not.


I like that phrase... it should be a shirt. "Why are you all so bad at DOING Christianity?" 

Exactly!  Where's the mercy for one's fellow man and his/her suffering?
Seems a little too logical for them to grasp. 
Nah, I don't think that will work work.  Remember that Jesus says "Father, why have you forsaken me?" or some such nonsense.  So perhaps "God the Father" knew it the whole time, but God as he appears in human form (Jesus) didn't know it was going to happen.  At least, this is my understanding of the story.
Rich,           Lol, never thought of that, great !


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