I was so distressed by this that I couldn't sleep after hearing about it on the radio.  How is quoting the bible considered grounds for a factual and rational argument for something of such serious content, especially within our government?


My mind kept parroting two things at me:

1. Give me one bible quote arguing for god's sanctity for life, and I will give you three where he condones/encourages/roots enthusiastically for murder.

2. I hope the Right to Life of Idaho folks never have to watch a loved one suffer the end stages of a terminal disease.  I'd hate for them to suddenly want to show any mercy for their fellow man by allowing them to die peacefully and with dignity instead of in excruciating, painful agony.  


What are your comments? 



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My comment,

This is the worst unjustifiable aspect of God,

God left the human suffering because of depression in his life... then let him suffering in hell fire forever just because he decided to end his life!

This particular suicide type is physician-assisted.  To be eligible, the candidate has to go through a fairly rigorous process proving they are mentally stable and indeed dying of a terminal illness.  It doesn't apply to those suffering from depression or other mental illness, though I have rather strong opinions regarding that, too.   

Aha, thanks for the point...I looked at the link..

really interesting! cuz it's the first time to hear about this subject..


First, I thought it's about suicide in general, and especially for some difficult diseases in advanced cases which sometimes accompanied with depression..


Then, now I got it.... but it's really something sad and strange! and not accepted by humanity ... maybe because I am a foreigner I see this as a strange thing ....  I dont know... :)

Switzerland has an euthanasia industry, where anyone, who isn't Swiss, can go to die.
Note to self! 
Switzerland eh?  I wonder how much a plane flight costs to get there, grab a cab and get done in?  If my pain doesn't kill me first.
It's called dignitas,and there's been quite a few people from the u.k who have used it.
I can't seem to find any reviews be they positive or negative...
Are you sure?when you Google dignitas the whole thing should show up,the discussions about it and the dignitas home page.I'm searching in the u.k though,maybe its blocked in the u.s over laws or something.Try searching through wikipeadia itself.
I'm in the UK too... It was meant to be a (macabre) joke. People using such services don't tend to leave many reviews.

I wonder how many of these right-to-life supporters have any medical experience caring for the terminally ill.  As an RN, I have and find it hard to believe anyone could be against it if they saw how poor the quality of life is for some who are terminally ill.  Of course, separation of church and state seems to be ignored by the majority of those who propose and pass U.S. laws.

Currently in the U.S. physician-assisted suicide is legal in Oregon & Washington state.  Guess where I'm moving if I'm ever diagnosed with a terminal illness?  




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