Recently, there have been several incidents of drones interfering in dangerous ways with commercial aircraft. Mostly these encounters have happened with the commercial craft taking off or landing, the two most dangerous portions of the flight. Still, drones have been encountered at higher altitudes.

While we Americans cherish our freedom, does it make sense to allow this kind of danger? There are companies ranging from Amazon to pizza chains who would like to use drones for deliveries. Even now, commercial users of drones have to meet some rules and get some training, but a hobbyist can buy a drone or a drone kit and be doing whatever the f*ck he wants with it, which can range from simply buzzing a large field to driving over city traffic to spying on sunbathers to attempting to hassle commercial aircraft.

Now, why would anyone want to interfere with aircraft? My reply is, why do they throw cinder blocks over highway overpasses. People do shit just to do it and see what happens, damn the consequences.

And let's not overlook the terroristic possibilities of drones. If a drone can be fitted with a camera, it can be fitted with an explosive.

To me, it seems if you want a solution that will eliminate most of the risk, simply ban drones, except for the ones operated by responsible commercial enterprises.

Do you have a better solution?

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