I am going to attempt to post this again as I stupidly deleted the text of the last attempt. *sigh*

I would like to share a short story with everyone.

A few months ago I briefly worked for a company that was aimed at helping severely autistic children. This would range from teaching simple human functions such as eating and going to the bathroom to basic math and reading. One day I saw a young boy being led into the building to be assessed as they felt they may be able to help. This child was a bad case, he could barely walk and his head was lolling about like a baby's would (he was about 5-6). A fellow teacher was with me and told me his story. He was in the car with his parents when they were somehow driven off the road and into a river/lake. His parents had drowned and he was saved to only discover that he was severely brain damaged. She then followed this story by saying, 'thank The Lord he was saved to live another day.' I was appalled by this statement. I can't see how this could possibly be a blessing, I would see it as more of a punishment. This poor kid will never be able to care for himself, never mind living a full life. He most likely didn't understand most of what was going on around him. This statement, along with the fact that he now had no parents to look after him, disgusted me. It is a very twisted way of seeing blessings.

It's not the most horrid thing a theist has said, but it somehow has stuck with me and bugged me and this is why I wanted to share it.

I would love to hear any comments on this story, as well as any stories of your own about horrible things that theists have said.

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