Bad news regarding the American presidential election

1. Trump has more minority support than you might suppose (read here)

American minorities tend to be Christian and unemployed and they see the GOP as more family-oriented, more supportive of Christianity, and in the case of Trump probably more able to improve their job situation. 

2. Trump will most likely be the GOP candidate (read here)

It's simply becoming obvious that Trump will be the GOP's entry in the 2016 presidential race.

3. A Bernie Sanders candidacy would likely result in a GOP win, so they are laying off him and concentrating on helping him get Hillary out of the way (read here and here)

Basically, the GOP strategy is to try to get Clinton out of the way in order to be able to run against the avowed socialist Bernie Sanders. Socialism in the US is down there with pedophilia and atheism in terms of disregard. 

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Because, as I said above, he has found some very popular issues. And some of them even cross racial lines and could actually draw a significant amount of minority and female votes his way, especially among older demographics, who are more likely to actually vote. 

I repeat...

POLITICAL CORRECTNESS — Rightly or wrongly, many Americans profess being tired of having their freedom of speech curtailed extra-governmentally by people who criticize (as they would put it) everything everyone says, twisting unintended meanings out of their words.

TAKING CHRIST OUT OF CHRISTMAS — Like it or not, many Americans deeply resent the fact that stores have turned the Christmas Season into Happy Holidays. They will point out that if you look around the world (take Japan, for example) even many non-Christians have no problem celebrating Christmas.

NOT BEING SERIOUS ABOUT IMMIGRATION — Many Americans will say, "Sure, most immigrants may be okay, but all it takes is a small handful to have another Paris or even 9/11." They will also say that these immigrants may not accept American values, especially as regards women, and they would point to the New Years Eve attacks and rapes in Cologne as evidence.

Ok Unseen - loser donates $20 to MSF??

I'll settle for letting you say "I told you so" in the unlikely case you are right.

That all good Unseen :-)

How in no gods name is he still in the race!!

I was going to add in a number of obscenities in that statement for emphasis. Like....How is it that we are that FUCKING STUPID PEOPLE!!! REALLY??????  I can't make those letters big enough.

BTW, folks, Megan Kelly is a romance novel writer. Megyn Kelly is the Fox News anchor that Trump dislikes so intensely.


RE:In Europe, English is widely, if not universally, spoken. Americans get by in Denmark quite nicely.

Yes I suppose. I could get into Denmark. I will go to any civilized forward thinking country that will take me. Just get me the fuck out of this ignorant land of stupidity! If Trump gets elected it is about to become nazi Germany all over, and he will be our Hitler. If there ever was an anti Christ he sure fits the description!!!

Check out the universal healthcare there as well.

I could get into skiing :) lol...

@Unseen and @Gregg low cost of living and the ability to live off the land as much as possible is important to me. And also the community aspect and culture. Anywhere you go in Latin America (for the most part) people help each other and there is a lot of bartet and trade and community cooperation. I will never forget when I was in Guatemala, the rains came and were flooding a neighbors yard where they kept their animals. They cried for help. We were all sitting in a large group talking with the locals and from our group and the surrounding houses about 20 men and boys (they didnt even question for a second) RAN over and helped, not even thinking twice about themselves. I want to live somewhere like that. That if I yell for help I get 20 able bodied men at my service in a matter of seconds. THAT is what the US DOES NOT have. You yell for help and people turn the other way. To get any sort of response you have to yell "fire" and even then most people will check to see if you are serious. If they know you are in trouble or danger they look the other one wants to get involved.

Anyway I rantef off topic. Am I serious? Yes if I could legally immigrate to another country and have rights to work I would. If I didnt have to consider my son's father I would pursue it in a heartbeat. But realistically it is just a joke because I have no way to leave. But if I could I would be on the plane tomorrow.

So when Trump gets elected I will say,"I'm outta here" but it really is just a dream.

Oh. You specifically know that foreigners have the right to work in Peru, Costa Rica, or Denmark? Did you just check visa limitations in the last 24 hours?


In Peru and Costa Rica you can pick coca leaves and nobody will ask to see your visa, not so sure if they grow coca in Denmark.  I suppose if I was younger and better looking I could work as a gay sex worker.  I wouldn't enjoy it but a guy's gotta eat. :)


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