My baby is starting Kindergarten! :'( tear, sniffle, sniffle.........

It's a big deal.

So here's the story. I am sending him to a school where he will be in a great dual language program learning English and Spanish. I speak both to him, and his dad speaks only Spanish to him so he's ok (I think) and probably a bit ahead in terms of being bilingual. Many of the other kids he will be learning alongside have usually one or the other (not both) so I'm proud that he will have a slight advantage there....


He's an August baby. And for those of you U.S. parents with summer babies you know what this means.......

He's either going to be the "youngest" or the "oldest."

I have opted to enroll him and so he will be the "youngest." I do so with lots of hesitation. Anecdotally, most parents now days want to give their kids the "gift of time" plus there's always the "sport advantage" for boys - if they are older than their peers they may have braun at an earlier age making them the next star quarterback. My kid is going to play soccer and he's already lightning fast, so I'm not worried about braun, he has SPEED!!!

Just like his mama ;)

Anyway...........I just am wondering for those parents who have been through it, or if you yourself have a personal experience to's the question:

Do you think it's better to be the "OLDEST" kid in your class or the "YOUNGEST" kid in the class?

What do you think about enrolling a boy that will be "just 5" into Kindergarten?

Am I giving him an edge by getting a head start academically? Or will he crumble under the pressure?

On a side note: he has 2 other boy cousins born just a few months after him. They (by force of the school cutoff dates) will be starting kindergarten NEXT they will have another year of preschool.

Am I nuts for putting my baby in school? Or smart for requiring him to rise to the occasion?

I myself was a December baby so I has right in the middle.

Any advice/knowledge/feedback/criticism is helpful and welcome :)

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I honestly don't think there is any meaningful difference in either option. It's all so spectacularly speculative.

I remember kindergarten so fondly. I seem to have a remarkably detailed and vivid memory of many classes. My favourite time was once a month when I got to wear the firefighter hat and lead the boys in the squad to rescue a cat in a tree (which was the teacher's coat rack). And also when I discovered I was left handed and that I was the only one in class (so unique). And also when the teacher read the Aesop fables again and again so that we practically had them memorized (the tortise and the hare!). And also those times when we built pyramids out of giant foam blocks and then knocked them down while we jumped on top of each other pretending we were human steam rollers. Having fun and learning!

Honestly I don't think it makes any difference which class he's enrolled in.

Belle, I was a December baby, and was halfway through first grade when my dad wanted to put my older sister and me into a Catholic school. That school made us wait until the next school year, so I was a year older than other kids in my classes.

One difference was that in 5th grade I was the only boy who refused to enter the altar boy training. I don't know if my being a year older made my refusal easier..

Another difference was that in 7th grade I mixed it up with the 8th grade bully.

He won but other kids gave me their okay for taking him on.


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