This thing caught my eye after I had a thought. The thought was, "I wonder if a cnc machine can be used to draw a tattoo?"

This isn't just an automated tattoo gun, it's a piece of performance art protesting the arbitrary way a religion is assigned to you at birth.

Auto Ink is a three axis numerically controlled sculpture. Once the main switch is triggered, the operator is assigned a religion and its corresponding symbol is tattooed onto the persons arm. The operator does not have control over the assigned symbol. It is assigned either randomly or through divine intervention, depending on your personal beliefs.

Kinda scary if you think about it. Also kinda mean if it assigns Judaism to you, considering the prohibition against marking the skin.

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Thankfully I already have an Atheist tattoo on my arm ;-)

Cool, an upside down cross. 

Leviticus talks about the prohibition of skin marking - technically tattooing is against the word of god for Jews and Christians.  It's part of the cherry-picking process, however.  

Leviticus says don't tattoo your skin, or get piercings, or cut your hair at the sides, or listen to soothsayers (i.e. horoscopes) or let men shag men.  But then Leviticus hadn't contemplated cherry-pickers.

Can you really call it honest belief if you pick and choose which parts of it you choose to believe?

RE: "Also kinda mean if it assigns Judaism to you, considering the prohibition against marking the skin." - I suppose an alternative to that, in keeping with Kosher prohibitions, would be automated circumcision, but I wouldn't want to be the first to try it --



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