My girlfriend has a bit under 3 months to go in her pregnancy, she is Christian and her mother is born again and hates the fact that im an Atheist, this is the message my girlfriend sent me on facebook....

She wrote: I hope u realise now that i am serious about this break up! i dont want anything from u and neither does our baby,im doing fine on my own and i can manage without you,so u dont have to worry about us.....not that you do anyway. but i still want our baby girl to know that your her father and u can still see her after shes born,but we dont want anything from you.please be mature about this and dont reply with abuse.

I still love you very much but as i said before i cant be with someone who is immature and doesn't want to support me and my baby.

I hope u had fun hunting,
atleast now u can go hunting all the time and spend ur money on shit and not have to worry about buying anything for our baby!.....after all thats what you really want!

Goodbye Shermon.

I replied with: I love it how you just Automatically use the child against me, and already state what the child thinks before she is even born...are you gonna tell her what she is allowed to like aswell?

I like the...,but we dont want anything from you.
Dont you mean "YOU" dont want anything from me?
the child is not even born yet you just automaitically make the choice that she does not want anything from me, even though she is not born or old enough to make that decision for herself yet!

So who is the real immature one, i admit i can be immature sometimes, so can you, but do you admit it?

Hope we can work this out for our Daughters sake xo xo xo.

And she reckons i waste money on hunting yet i all i do is pack my lunch and head out with a mate, i already own hunting epuipment so im not wasting money at all i only go hunting one day every second weekend and she flips out. What should i do she has taken refuge at her Bible banger mums house!

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The Atheist Experience is awesome & Matt is great. You should check out the podcast or the video feed of the show. That and Skeptics Guide to the Universe are my favorite podcasts.

Me too!
If a god led those people to him (or him to them if it's the recent Austalian one that was on TV) then this god is to blame for not leading rescuers to all the people who suffer and die in the wilderness. They can't have it both ways - a god helping on occasion, but something else deliberately not helping on other occasions.
No, silly, the ones who were not saved have only their own sinful nature to blame. Just like the fact that disease is the direct result of personal sin. (!!)
If you want the child too, FIGHT for it!! Don't stay with your girlfriend... it's obvious that she's the immature one if she can't accept you just because you're atheist.
So... how to fight for your custody rights...
I've never had a child so I'm no expert at this... but I would suggest that the most important thing to do is to hire a good lawyer. (A good lawyer in the child custody field will give you the run-through of what to do.)
Second... make sure you can get a paternity test on the child/ fetus. (You don't want her court defense to be that "it's not your child" - If you can prove you're the biological father you'll have a better chance of winning custody rights.)
3. When/ If you file suit... be prepared for a NASTY battle... custody battles can get very ugly.
Yes, the 'which parent goes to church' argument gets far too much weight in such matters.
I'm with some of the others here... I think your issues with your girlfriend are more of the everyday relationship kind then they are of the religious vs non-religious. The 'atheist' thing is just a convenient 'ammo' for her and her mom to latch onto. I would try to avoid that topic as much as possible and focus on her real issues.

Sounds like she feels like are more worried about hunting then you are about her and the baby. (that's just a guess) Gotta remember she's gonna have tunnel vision now focused on that baby and anything and everything that comes up is probably going to add stress to the situation.

There's a huge amount of insecurity involved...and the 'mom's mindset is going to be.. 'I don't want my grandbaby going to hell'... 'I don't want my daughter and myself associated with someone who's going to hell'.

There's the mindset that atheist's are bad people and that's what you have to work on. Instead of fighting with them on the topic of atheism focus on doing the right thing, being a good and responsible person. It takes their arguments away. It helps dispell the myths about atheists. It will also help with your future relationship with your child.
I think your issues with your girlfriend are more of the everyday relationship kind then they are of the religious vs non-religious.

Nail on the head, Wes.


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