I need a little help with something, a bunch of Christians in my home town have started up a group on facebook, i know they did it cause i made 3 of their old bible thumpers Born again Atheists and this is their way to challenge me to a debate, so they made the group called Rise of a Theism.... yep you guessed it and that is exactly how it is pronounced, any way in the group im the only atheist in it and the rest are hardcore jesus freaks.

If any of you have Facebook can you join the group Rise of a Theism.

i just posted 3 videos pretty much debunking the shit out of christianity on their group wall, so i know they will attack in force and numbers when they see them there, please read their group description and comment with your Atheist knowledge against their bronze aged outdated sand religion.

Your help would be great as they think all Atheists are ignorant idiots.

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You guys have no sense of adventure! This sounds like fun. Who the hell doesn't enjoy punching a beehive? I'm in!
Usually i would not resort to this, but i have been under personal attack by these holier than thou hypocrits, my Girlfriends mum is a born again bible thumper and she cannot handle the fact that im Atheist, it's like im Freddy Krueger in the flesh to her or something, she sends shit to my facebook wall like a picture of a bible that says when in doubt read instructions within.
I go around to her place and there might be other bible thumpers there who say God bless you, God loves you etc and they know im Atheist, one of them said to me you seriously dont believe we evolved from monkeys do you!!!
i said no i believe we evolved from a common ancestor they all laughed then one of them said stop embarrassing yourself, i just shook my head and left her house, and ended up in a huge argument with my girl over it cause i walked out of her mums house, i said i dont give a fuck i dont have to put up with that shit from those bible bashing epileptic throwing nut cases. now they have started this group on facebook called Rise of a Theism just so members of their church can try and debate with me over scientifc evidence to prove which is right, Creationism or Evolution.
It should be easy then, considering that there is no scientific evidence for creationism :) I do feel for you though, living with fundies is torture. You shouldn't have to put up with crap like that, but unfortunately most fundies only believe in freedom of religion as long as that religion is theirs. I'd help you out, but I'm afraid I am a terrible debater :(


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