Courthouse News Service is reporting that two years after taking office, Obama has finally issued an amendment to Faith-Based Funding. It makes clear that those receiving funds cannot proselytize while giving social services funded by the Feds under the Faith Based Office. Now the two services will have to remain separate. 

This is a partial victory only. The Office shouldn't exist. There is no reason for the government to be defining social services according to religion and giving benefits accordingly. The groups giving out services should simply have to apply to one department and compete for funds equally. As it stands, there are funds set aside simply for making sure that religious organizations get funds and in effect get their hands on society. Especially societies most vulnerable. 

The Freedom From Religion Foundation sued to stop the use of Federal Dollars in funding religion but lost due to a lack of standing. It was the position of the court that Congress alloted the Executive Branch the money and that was the limit of the right of the people to complain legally. The Executive apparently is not barred from spending on religion. If someone wants to correct this, I'd like to hear it, but the reasoning is that the First Amendment says "Congress shall make no law", as I understand it. It's a cop out and contrary to our traditions, but maybe it's simply an error in the writing of the Constitution? 

But we got a small victory today and one of my Civil Rights complaints against Obama was eased today. Maybe one day he'll even grow a pair and do the right thing! Wait... he's still a politician.  

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Sarah Palin's just an idiot. She really is.

She said on Glenn Beck's radio station the other day that "America needs to stand by it's North Korean allies." She's just a dumb fucktard. I hope she runs for president. I really really do.


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