Gobekli Tepe: 12,000 Years Old and Rewriting Human History:

Truly a remarkable place and how exactly did they drill basalt 12000 years ago?


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Lemuria! Hooray! Hahahaha. ;)

Wow, it's as if those UFO Theories are almost true, about highly advanced extra-terrestrials helped primitive stone age earthlings by using their precision tools — Or maybe those I referred to as "primitive" where actually the advanced people themselves.

...Like the stone carvings in Pumapunku, a 7,000 year-old ruin (older than Abraham, the Patriarch of israel). Slab Structures there were well-smoothed, perfectly cut Diorite slabs... but the only thing harder than Diorite is Diamond.
Atlantean is now a loose term simply referring to a highly develop civilization when there should be simple hunter-gatherers. Like Puma Punku evidence of precision stone working, and in Puma Punku, experts to day would have a hard time reproducing (working diorite) even with power tools.
I think the more "down to earth" proposition that aligns with myth and lore, would be speculating on the involvement of Nephilim and Titans (half man and half angel giants in stature and renown).
The mere tonous of the cyclopean structures in Chile, that resist earthquakes without mortar and fit together as a 3D jigzaw puzzle that a dollar bill can't pass through, certainly keep the legend going.
The Hebrew gets missy here. "There were giants in the earth in those days", is better rendered, " There were nephilim in the earth in those days... men of stature, men of renown." These were indeed the super heroes of old, in all respects. Not in just physical prowess like Hercules or Gilgamesh. There were nephilim on the earth even after those days in palestine according to the Book of Joshua. Before them the children of Israel appeared as grasshoppers.
Tyrannosaurus Rex, Terrible Lizard King. Well these days may refer to a King that was nine feet tall had six fingers, that they fought against. Or maybe the Flatwoods monster. Now he's one stinky hot head, if you can believe the accounts from Wyoming LOL
Hmmm, neolithic people drilled holes to make basalt beads, so there must be aliens? Not following you.
If you want to believe in aliens this new footage (yesterday) will kept the myth going. This also occurred at a different airport months ago in China.



Pyramid in Alaska buried during the Ice Age?

“The TV news showed the whole world and they had it sliced out
where the pyramid was and how big it was in proportion. I mean
the thing was huge in the proportional graph they showed.”

- Douglas A. Mutschler, Chief Warrant Officer, U. S. Army Counterintelligence

Mount McKinley is north of Anchorage. Nome is upper left red circle on Norton Sound
west of Mount McKinley. The region between Mount McKinley and Anchorage is where
the large pyramid structure was allegedly found during geophysical studies of the
May 22, 1992, Chinese underground detonation of a large nuclear bomb at Lon Por.

July 27, 2012 Fairborn, Ohio - After my Coast to Coast AM broadcast this morning, I received the following email from a retired Navy Captain and professional engineer who provides analysis of a large “square” he found in Google maps in which each side of the square measures exactly twice the length of each side of the Cheops Great Pyramid in Egypt.

Subject: Alaskan Pyramid Interview on Coast To Coast AM of 26 July
Date: July 27, 2012
To: earthfiles@earthfiles.com

Dear Ms. Howe:

I am a retired Navy Captain that served as a Navigator/Communication, Tactical Coordinator, Mission Commander in 3 active duty and Naval Air Reserve Patrol Squadrons over my 25-year career. I have been both an Executive Officer and Commanding Officer of two reserve units. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering from Ga Tech, a Master’s Degree in Ocean Engineering from Fla Atlantic Univ, and am a Professional Engineer.

I found your interview on the Alaskan Pyramid quite interesting. Having spent two deployments in Adak with my Navy Patrol Squadron, I have always been interested in articles about Alaska. I don’t have any specific knowledge of the Pyramid subject matter, however after listening to the interview and reading the information linked to it on C2CAM, I did the following:

1. Signed on to Google Earth
2. Drew a line between Mt. McKinley and Nome
3. Set my altitude above the ground to@ 15,000ft-20,000ft
4. Proceeded to transit the line from SE to NW towards Nome looking for any anomalies that caught my eye. Specifically looking for “non-natural” features like straight lines or “non-natural” geometric shapes.

Approximately 50 miles NE of Mt. McKinley just to the north of the line connecting it to Nome, I came across a square shape that was very distinct in the ground. The area is a flat plain approximately 1950 ft ASL. The coloration of the anomaly is a darkish green and there doesn’t appear to be any type of surface structure. This is a very desolate area in the center of the state. However, the coloration is distinctly different than the immediate surrounding area. There are other areas nearby that have the same color, but are irregular in shape. The area that I noticed is a distinct “square”. My assumption is that if there is something below the surface it could be impacting the flora at the surface which somehow mirror the shape (dimensions) of a structure below. Perhaps it is a thermal differential that promotes growth or some other chemical/physical effect. I have no way to know other than observing the square anomaly.

I am forwarding to you for your inspection two jpeg files that I made from the Google map. One of the jpegs shows a reference Lat/Long that is @ 0.37mi from the anomaly. This reference Lat/Long is 63°18’North 152°32’ West. The red line just to the South of the reference position and the anomaly is the line connecting Mt. McKinley to Nome.

1) Google Map Image of “Square”

The second jpeg shows the anomaly outlined with the lines I created detailing the four
sides of the square, as well as the lines bisecting the four corner angles and the lines
bisecting the four sides. These lines all conform to a square with a base of 1510 Ft
on a side and as you can see they match up perfectly with the square green anomaly
in the first jpeg. You can duplicate what I have done by just going to Google
earth the reference Lat/Long where you will see the anomaly.

2) Google Map Image of “Square” Outlined

“The red line just to the South of the reference position and the anomaly is the line
connecting Mt. McKinley to Nome. The length each of the 4 side equals @ 1510 Ft.
The interesting thing about this dimension is that it is exactly twice the length of the
sides of the Great Pyramid at Gisa, which are 755 Ft on a side. The coincidence
is interesting to say the least. This would make this square anomaly on the surface
4x the area of the base of the Great Pyramid, which at least is consistent with
your witness (Doug Mutschler) who said the underground pyramid that
was supposedly identified during the May 22, 1992, Chinese underground
test was much larger than the Great Pyramid at Giza.”

Earthfiles Editor's Note:
Compare above Google image to infrared satellite image below taken of 17 pyramids
hidden underground in Egypt and reported by U. K.'s BBC on May 26, 2011.

Infrared satellite images have discovered 17 underground hidden pyramids
and 3,000 ancient settlements in Egypt. NASA-funded archaeologist Sarah Parcak
told the BBC: “I couldn't believe we could locate so many sites. To excavate
a pyramid is the dream of every archaeologist.” 2011 infrared satellite image of
underground pyramid at center of image by NASA.

Retired U. S. Navy Captain: “This location is near the western boundary of the Danali National Park; @ 150mi west of Talkeetna, the nearest large settlement; and some 230 mi from both Anchorage and Fairbanks. Therefore it is not logical to assume that there would be any type of agriculture or timber operations in this area that would create any type of straight lines or rectangular shapes of fields or forests.

What is even a little more interesting is that I measured the dimensions of the square that is visible. The length each of the 4 side equals @ 1510 Ft. The interesting thing about this dimension is that it is exactly twice the length of the sides of the Great Pyramid at Gisa, which are 755 Ft on a side. The coincidence is interesting to say the least. This would make this square anomaly on the surface 4x the area of the base of the Great Pyramid which at least is consistent with your witness who said the underground pyramid that was supposedly identified during the May 22, 1992, Chinese underground test was much larger than the Great Pyramid at Giza.

I have tried to measure the orientation of the anomaly and it appears as if the NE side is oriented to 330°/150° to true North. I don’t know if there is any relevance to this number. However, in checking out the Magnetic Declination for the area 63°N 152W° the current declination is some 18°East which means the magnetic compass direction today of this line would be close to 312°. Looking at the historic records that go back to 1900, magnetic declination was closer to 29°E which is significantly higher. This range in declination is due to the relatively close proximity of this location to the magnetic north pole whose position relative to true north varies greatly. It is not inconceivable that in the distant past the magnetic declination was a very high westerly reading which means that the magnetic compass heading could have approached 360°N, indicating that whatever might be causing the square anomaly could have been built pointing to the magnetic north pole at the time it was created. More likely however is that if there is a structure below the surface it was probably oriented to some astronomical feature such as a specific star.

One additional feature that I found interesting was looking at the elevation of the anomaly moving along the various sides. If you go to Google and place lines outlining the four sides of the anomaly, and right click the line and select the elevation feature, you will see an elevation plot of the line. When you move the line in the elevation drawing an arrow will detail your transit down the selected line. If you do this with the NE-NW boundary, the SE-NE boundary and the NE to SW diagonal, you will see a very distinct vertical sheer that exists in the NE corner of the square. The vertical sheer is from 6ft to 9ft located some 300ft from the NE corner down both sides and 400 feet down the NE-SW diagonal. The sheer face appears to create a vertical wall perpendicular to both the SE-NE side and the NE-NW side of the anomaly. I don’t know if there is any significance to these sheer walls, but they don’t exist at any other point on the anomaly which is relatively flat across its full dimension.

I hope this information is of interest to you. I would be curious to see if anyone else has identified this anomaly or if you believe it bears further investigation.

Best regards,

MW, Professional Engineer

p.s. – for what it is worth - In August of 1986 while out on a morning jog at about 5:30 am or so in St. Petersburg, Florida with my girlfriend, we witnessed a large (747 size or larger) triangular shaped UFO (with 5 white globe type lights on the leading edge forming a V-shape) fly over the area about 2-4 miles away from us moving from North to South at about 2500 Ft and absolutely silent. Two weeks after the sighting I went to a UFO seminar being held in St. Petersburg and heard several other people discussing what they had seen and it was the same object that we had seen. Having an aerospace engineering degree, having held a Top Secret clearance my entire 25 year career in the Navy and Naval Air Reserve I know for a fact that what we saw was a physical object, it was being intelligently controlled, it was of a design that I know far exceeded the capabilities of any heavier than air object existing at the time and being operated by the U.S. Military. I am a believer and I appreciate the work that you and others are doing to break through this fog of secrecy. Keep up the good work."

Continuation of interview with Douglas Alan Mutschler, retired U. S. Army Commissioned Warrant Officer in Counterintelligence (CW2), Fairborn, Ohio, followed by Paul Vincent, Ph.D., Geophysicist, College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon.

Credulity run amok.


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