ATHIEST vs AGNOSTIC - please read this. its why im here (sorta)...

I am not into any religions, and im also not an athiest. im AGNOSTIC. I want to learn here at thinkathiest. I always hear Athiests telling me 'youre almost there man, just come over!!!!! JUMP THAT FENCE!!!!" and I dont understand why. I dont know what happens when i die, so how can i say this is it. or there isnt anything else. I dont mean gods and heaven stuff. Im saying WHO KNOWS?!? To me an athiest is someone who believes there IS NO GOD. DONE DEAL. to me thats almost like believing in some higher power... thats why im so confused. what am i missing???? this is a serious question for ME. I guess ill say this. ok.. when we are talking about santa clause there isn't a group of people called 'something' who dont believe in santa. okk. there is no need for any word at all, but there is... atheists... or atheism... PLEASE DONT RESPOND TO THIS with the stuff about theists and non theists stuff unless necessary. im looking for an answer from someone like me who just has questions and want an answer like im talking to a friend, not the awesomest atheist in the village.. lol with all due respect. some Atheists are overbearing, although totally cool because youve obviously figured out that life is HERE and NOW and not waiting in some cloud with a bunch of virgins and bacon.. or whatever religious crap they spew. I LOVE Bill Mahr, Dawkins, Hitchens, Bill Nye, Neil Degrassi (i think its spelled right).

HOW CAN ATHIESTS SAY THERE IS NOTHING when NO ONE KNOWS?!?! Its the whole point! anyway, im new here so dont clobber me.. lol Thanks for reading this and responding.
(anyone can reply, i was just saying, im not an amateur and dont need the 101 on words that shouldn't even really exist... )


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Perfectly said :)

I hear where u come from.. im not an atheist either... AGNOSTIC if that's a definition we agree on :) I totally agree with you on comparing aithiests to religious ppl... if ur sure there is no god, then they r sure there is a god... WHO KNOWS is the Q :) to me, I don't give a damn... im not bothered in the first place.... the only thing im sure of is there are no religions... god or no god, WHO CARES :)

KEEP QUESTIONING MY FRIEND.. till u lose interest just like me :) its more comfortable and relieving :) tc

It doesn't look like anyone else recommended Richard Dawkin's book "The God Delusion"

He talks about this very conundrum, and talks about a spectrum of agnosticism. It is really worth a read, you can always get it from the library, or as an e-book if you are worried about being seen reading it.



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