Here is the link to my blog, where you can see my profile, where the text below has been published. If you have nay ideas on how I can support from any quarter I want to hear it.

they are calling my road the miniture Lourdes of Garlasco ......that is one word you don't want on your road if you live on a dirt track in the middles of miles of fields and you bought the place for the peace and lack of cars/people.

I need your help.

I live in a tiny hamlet, look for Cascina Ca'Bassa (use number 3, 5, 7) on google maps. It is a dirt track. Two cars can barely pass. With help from the local church and the national media one of our neighbours has been gripped with Celebrity Fever and is pushing his well water (exactly the same as mine) as Holy Healing Water.

Today 15,000 people came from various bits of Italy and converged on us. It was the perfect finale to three weeks of hell, we don't live any more, we exist, because Monday-Friday fanatics and the desperate are coming here in drove looking for the water while he is at home nice and relaxed and we are left to deal with this flux of people wanting information and water. Water we have no access to.

Today we had people gridlocked in all direction, the sick, the old, the tiny babies trapped in their cars under a boiling sun. People were getting agitated with each other between the fervour and the heat and the not being able to move. The police came, the mayor came but he won't stop.
Please cut and past the information below and add to your blog or site. If many sites give this info then that is what the majority of the people looking for the water on-line will see. This information was obtained from the Italian phone book. No claims are made about the water, the words used are those of the gentleman in question on national TV and in print media.
He lives in a decent sized city which has a police force and local traffic police who can manage the situation better.

And I really want him to live with the results of his egomania instead of leaving it to us.
I'm English, I live with my Italian husband and son on this dirt track. There are about 8 families down here and we just can't cope. When my husband complained to him tonight he screamed he was healing people and said that any of the pilgrims currently at the water shack would “hang him from a tree” for complaining and saying that he was a twit for not realising what a ruckus he caused. The pilgrims got menacing (we are making formal complaints to the police in the am) and my husband had to leave.

I am completely genuine, my email address is, that is my real name. If you can't stand people using faith to manipulate and exploit while letting single atheist skeptic and some very nice normal Catholics to carry his can please just copy and paste as in onto your blog/site.

Contact me if you have any doubts, or questions regarding the wording.

cut and paste the below anywhere in your site or blog or forum if you are willing to help (or if you are not comfortable with that please link to

Per tutti le informazioni
sulla "santa Acqua miracolosa guarigione"
Ivo Pignatti
Corso Giacomo Brodolini, 24
0381 83286

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Copied and reposted on my twitter, facebook and myspace.
thank you love. people have started arriving already, only a trickle so far but it is only 8.40am on a day of forcasted thunderstroms. I speant last night sticking up signs all up the track telling people where to find him.
So sorry to hear your plight. I will spread on the news so be sure this will not be put in the background. False hopes, this man should be prosecuted. I live in Great Britain and our newspapers would have a field day. Are not the authorities doing something about this.
I do not hav e a twitter or a blog but hope to soon.
Are people so entwined in religion to think straight.
The comune have not even returned my calls, the mayor came down late sunday AFTER the police cleared the area when things turned nasty. They blocked the road around lunchtime but an unammed barricade is no match for the desperate and the fantical. So they just came and removed it tow hours later.

Thank you so much for any help, I'd really like for our voice to be heard because here and now all the focus is on the magic water and it is like we the residents are just decoration to add to the rural ambiance.

I've contacted LEGAambientale, a hard line eco group, hopeing at least they will get back to me.
I think what angers me the most is that these bogus claims are probably going to interfere with real medical work. No matter what's wrong with you, sitting in a boiling car, breathing road dust and gathering in crowds of potentially ill and contagious people can't be good for you.
False hope is cruel. Crueler still when it can actually cause more harm.
Good luck. I've sent it everywhere I touch!
Very cruel, criminally cruel, a mother with a tiny tiny baby who is sick and she is desperate enough to put untested, untreated water, sourced from near when a lead factory used to stand in that fragile little bundle.

Nothing I could say would dissuade her.

thank you again.

Just back from the mayor, the analysis is ready. the mineral levels alone render the water undrinkable. (zinc...and something else that I haven't worked out a translation for yet) Additionally very sick people have been drinking water with notable levels of pesticide. huge surpise there since we are in several km squared of rice fields which are most definatly not organic.

But still they come, at least a hundred cars so far and it is just after lunch.

The good news is that Ivo Pignatti hasn't has a single moments rest. thanks to his address and phone number placed by yours truly all up the track (stuck on every telegraph pole) and the people finding the same on the net....well what can I say, no rest for the celebrity struck of dubious morality.

the bad news is that the comune are thinking "thermal baths kind of thing", and won't halt the traffic flowing down here because they are afraid of "revolution" among the fanatics.

My question is, if this was a load of teenagers flowing down cos some idiot pop star had decided to hand out autographs and free records down here do you think they would have any qualms about shutting it down ? even if that meant breaking a few heads ?

different standards for the church I feel.

gotta run, had to cancel my son's birthday party this weekend, he is nine of Saturday, trying to find a place to hold it elsewhere but everywhere is shut in august so looks like the poor little bugger is out of luck. Which means forking out for the new DSi thingiemabob, much against my better judgment, to try and take the sting out of things for him.

We have to leave the house this weekend because I am having panic attacks, which is sort of why we left Milan and came here, I don't do well if I live in chaos, I can only visit it. Just don't know where we can go yet. I'll have to shut all the dogs (6, 4 of which very big) and the cats (5) in various parts of the house so they don't fight and come back late at night to feed, clean, water and let them have a run before they return into their dungeons.

ETA am terrible mother, his birthday is on Friday not Saturday, the party was going to be on Saturday. How could I forget when my only child was born ? Must ask a passing pilgrim to lend me their flagellation equipment for a minute.
As soon as I can get my hands on a detailed analysis I will love, being Italy it might take a while till the doc moves into a public domain but I have a contact in ASL and I'll see what I can do. It's a brilliant idea, list the pollutants and their known contraindications or side effects...that should make people think twice since it is very concrete, detailed knowledge that should make the water harder to swallow.
Oh and he is profiting, you know I said he was just into the celebrity, I forgot to add that tonight a friend of my neighbour went down to have a nose, in front of the Madonna status blessed by the priest from the sanctuary, a box, for "donations".
Right, am a bit tipsy. three nights of no sleep so I thought half a glass of wine would help. Instead I got a bit rule Britannia (still smarting from being told to "go home" and all the "this is OUR country" stuff I think)

Anyway, I printed up two new signs

"Is there nobody who gives a damn about the residents ?"

"C'è nessuno che se ne frega dei residenti ?" that is really rather sharp in Italian. Nicely acidic.


"This zone is NOT a public bathroom, for all your personal needs please go to the Santuraio della Bozzole"

Public manifestations in Italy normally require permission in rubber stamping of a scale not far from fetishism and one of the rules is public sanitation, you have to provide it. as is they are peeing and worse where they can find a quiet spot, even if it is at the side of our houses. The sanitation issue only occurred to me tonight and I intend to press it home.

I was hanging my signs in my pajamas, actually feeling rather good cos it was finally quiet again, just like the day we found the house and all the days that followed until recent events, when I got startled by a car. It was the police. They are doing rounds to check that the pilgrims are not setting up camp down here at night anymore and had just moved on a group further up the road. have to say I was a bit mortified by being stopped by a police officer, without my documents, in pajamas at 41 years old. However they turned a blind eye at the flagrant fly posting and one looked suspitiously like he was trying not to smile. they are as pissed off as we are. their job is to work on high end theft , like bank robbers and stuff and here they are taken off the big stuff to direct traffic and move on fanatics.

I am a pink spotted pajama wearing, middle aged one woman protest machine.

It is one heck of a steep learning curve I can tell you.

In theory I am getting up a dawn to take my vdo camera on a walk around to upload to youtube to show what the zone is like normally, as in not like a bloody autostrada. then later I will go out a few times and do the same to show how the whole picture changes just in mid week.

If I can stand to be down here on Sunday instead of running of to MILs house then I'll do the same when the real folly beings.

I am on a ticking time bomb here. the 15th of august is the ascension of the Madonna (the day she floated up to heaven if I understand right) and a national holiday. If this isn't under control by then ...well somebody will probably die down here, from falling down two meters in their car into a rice field, the raised dirt track collapsing under the weight of traffic or just some poor sick bugger who got too hot, too tired and too frustrated stuck in his car away from the "water of hope" for hours and expires in a puff of pilgrim fever.
Yeah... clearly they don't care about the residents. If one of my loved ones were dying and there was genuine hope that some miracle water could save them, I'd probably pee against your house, too.
Not sure if pointing out the fact that YOU are suffering is going to make a huge difference to people that have chronic pain or disease. In fact, that might just widen the gulf of 'us vs. the heathen'
I think the angle I'd take is clearly listing all the harmful things found in that water, and maybe some Christian logic. "God's power is infinite. He can bless your own tap water as easily as this pond scum. Why wait in a hot car and drink sewage when your prayers can be answered at home? Show your devotion by faith and love, not by drinking harmful agents."
Good luck!


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