Thought this was an interesting read. Don't agree with all of the anti "unfettered capitalism" rant, but still over all was interesting. Should atheists be doing more to improve our image (pretty poor in most surveys)amongst the populace? Should we make an effort to be more visible in our moral/charitable/activist efforts?

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I think someone needs to have a quiet word with dawkins hes made some stupendous errors of judgment lately and although its wrong theists judge all atheists based on the actions of a few atheists that are in the spotlight.
I also think we need to organise get all the atheist groups to merge into a unified support network. It works for religion face it without organised religion most if not all religions would be long gone.
We also need to spread the message that atheists only really share one thing in common we cant choose a religion without evidence. We should also point out arguing with atheists that we should believe with no evidence is pretty pointless because we get the same arguments from every other religion. How are we supposed to pick when none offer any real reason to pick it. There so convinced theirs is right they only see two alternatives believe them or be an atheist. They need to realise atheists treat all 4100+ religions as the same because none have evidence if they want an atheist to pick theirs they need to prove theirs is right and the rest are not. They have not even tried.


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