Stone cold athiest here. Practicing Reason for about 15 years now. I'm married to a wonderful woman who was brought up Eastern Orthodox Christian. She never practices and claims to be Agnostic.

We both love Christmas trees. Love listening to those sappy ass Christmas carols. Love the GRP Christmas Collection jazz CD's. We wrap and exchange presents. We drink egg nog, cook the Christmas ham, and wish our Christian neighbors, family, and friends a "very merry Christmas".

But through it all; amid all the decorations in midtown Manhattan I catch myself looking at it all and saying, "what bullshit".

Conflicted? Not really, just love the commercial aspect of, what is suppose to be, a religions celebration.

Does anyone else buy the tree, listen to the sappy ass music, and exchange presents? Have a Christian friend that evry year wishes me a happy winter solstice. I like that.


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I think the schedule reads: Christmas - January White Sale - Valentine's Day - Easter, unless they've come up with Ground Hog Day products I haven't heard about.

Is St. Patrick's Day before or after Easter? It's a good day for wearing orange.

I just discovered this great song that will have to be a staple on my playlist from now on.

The Christians and the Pagans

Oh sure I enjoy the holiday (dare I say Christmas) season.  I like the decorations, the music, the crowds, shopping and all the secular aspects.  I even enjoy the "Christmas story" and think wouldn't it be wonderful if it were true.  Unfortunately reality and reason return and  it is just a myth. 

I do look forward to the slow return of the sun from the south.  It takes about two weeks after the solstice to actually begin detecting that slow march. 

As the great Frank Castanza said 

"Festivus for the rest of us"

My metal pole is up!!!

Nothing wrong with that. Many Atheists still go through the motions even as far as to attend religious gatherings in solidarity with the "tribe". I pick the religious bits out like raisins in a muffin and just enjoy a bit of tradition. My wife and I are staunch Atheists but behind me is a huge decorated tree and Christmas lunch will take place as before. I will not however be attending Sunday mass. Christmas has never been about religion for me. I loved it as a child because it was the only day my entire family assembled for anything other than funerals, everyone was happy and although I don't like the word, magical is how I would describe my childhood memories over the festive season.

This sums up how I feel about christmas pretty well.  This will be the first christmas that I spend with my family while out to them as an atheist, so it might be interesting

I don't celebrate it and my family knows I'm an atheist although they don't believe it.  As for the commercial part of it, I prefer to stay out of it.  I consider the giving of Christmas gifts as tacit approval of a holiday that is based on pure bullshit and perpetuates ignorance.  It's only one day out of the year.  If people choose to judge me as a Scrooge or evil then fuck 'em.

fuq christmas

I live in rural Georgia. I drive 50 miles every once in a while for an atheist meet up group that is held at a restaurant. At one of these meet ups a very bubbly blond headed 20 year old server asked one of the members what kind of group we were, he told her that we were atheists. Her response was and I quote "But what about Christmas and birthdays" Silence fell across the group....then one of the rather goofy members said and I quote "I do not celebrate christmas because I do not believe Jesus is god, I do not believe in any god...however, I do believe I am real as evident by a birth certificate, photographs and my tax returns so based on that evidence I do celebrate my date of birth" an epic funny atheist moment.....

The absurdity of Xianity illustrated by Santa Claus

Yes, No, Yes, in that order. My sincerity as an atheist is not threatened by buying a tree. I cannot stand Christmas music in general, but I make exceptions for Vince Guaraldi, the Jethro Tull Christmas Album, and a few others, and who doesn't like to get and receive gifts from the people they love.

I have no problem saying Merry Christmas, but I am very conscious of it when I say. I like to say 'Happy, Merry!' But if specifically wished a Merry Christmas I will say it back to someone I know if I think its important to them.

I don't underestimate the importance of Christmas as the economic stimulator that it is, but at the same time I'm passive aggressive. I carry around the vouchers for the Salvation Army that point out their intolerance to gays and put them in every kettle I can, always comment when a religious specific statement is made regarding the birth of Jesus, miracles in mangers, etc.

A generic Merry Christmas is not at all threatening to me. The war on Christmas bullshit may have softened me a bit.


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