Stone cold athiest here. Practicing Reason for about 15 years now. I'm married to a wonderful woman who was brought up Eastern Orthodox Christian. She never practices and claims to be Agnostic.

We both love Christmas trees. Love listening to those sappy ass Christmas carols. Love the GRP Christmas Collection jazz CD's. We wrap and exchange presents. We drink egg nog, cook the Christmas ham, and wish our Christian neighbors, family, and friends a "very merry Christmas".

But through it all; amid all the decorations in midtown Manhattan I catch myself looking at it all and saying, "what bullshit".

Conflicted? Not really, just love the commercial aspect of, what is suppose to be, a religions celebration.

Does anyone else buy the tree, listen to the sappy ass music, and exchange presents? Have a Christian friend that evry year wishes me a happy winter solstice. I like that.


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I am a lifelong atheist and I agree with what most other posters have said... I grew up dong the "christmas thing" but my parents were not religious so it was pretty much all about the presents. I've had financial hard times for the last ten years so we only buy presents for my son... my parents don't want anything, my wife and I will exchange a gag gift but that's about it. I hate christmas music, always have, I throw on some Godsmack and rock out but we do put up a tree and decorate it... I consider that more of a family thing than any religious event. I've always said "Happy Holidays" because I have so many friends from different places who have different beliefs, so I catch a little grief from my whacked out christian friends but I just brush it off.

I love Christmas.  I love the trees, presents, food, music, family time, Santa, cheesy Christmas movies and specials, the whole lot of it.  I'm even thinking about going to church on Christmas Eve.  Christmas has always been so full of tradition and such an important and fun family event, that it would be really sad to give it up.  I don't pray, I don't believe that Jesus was the incarnation of God.  But I do enjoy the deeper meanings of love, joy, peace, goodwill, that I'm reminded of each December.  I think those things are important, and I don't think it's taking away anyone's 'atheist card' to celebrate those things.  I'm not trying to prove anything to anyone, and unlike my beliefs when I was a Christian, by doing things that are not consistent with my current belief system, I'm not engaging in any kind of sin.  I'm not impressing anyone, I'm just enjoying my life.

Watching this video...:

I was a little alarmed by David Silverman's stance on CHristmas. He seems to think it's important to remove it... I'm an atheist but i'd like to see David SIlverman focus on higher-level issues. Christmas to me is a tradition about family and giving. Just because many associate it with Christianity doesn't mean we need to remove it as a government holiday in my books. It's not so much an issue of church vs. state in my books.

I think we need to add more religious holidays as government holidays, not less. Off to a Yalda party, now where did I put that bag of pomegranates...


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