So I was on an Online Dating site for gay men. Anyway this guy PM's me, and I have to admit that he wasn't bad looking at all.  I started chatting away with him trying to get to know him. We eventually get around to telling each other what we do for a living.  So he tells me that he is self employed, to which I said "fair play to you thats really cool".  Which is very impressive in these economic times and what not.  Then he breaks it to me "I'M A MEDIUM". 

I have to admit I was really taken aback by that and kinda disappointed. I didn't want to be rude at first, so I just said "Oh really that sounds really interesting" 

Then he said "yes I am"

So then I just blocked him lol.  I just cannot see myself dating someone who is basically making money from lying to people.  No offence to anyone who might believe in this .  Realistically speaking, it would just never work out.  I think its best that when it comes to dating, I'm best to just date other atheists.  And yes it is possible to date believers who are somewhat more mellow about their beliefs than others, but with a lot of believers it can create a big difference that can be quite frankly very hard to get passed and compromise over. 

What are your views on this people? Would you ever date a medium? 

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...and he smiles as small snicker escapes his the world turns...

Hell yeah!  I'd love to date a Medium, imagine the conversations and deep discussions you could have!

I have met several people who believe they have a gift and they are always great to talk to.  The number of dates might be limited when they realise how much of a sceptic you are and that you are amused by their bullshit!

Mediums and astrologers know that the victim has to be a believer in order for the bullshit to work, it is akin to auto suggestion, victims want to believe so they make the medium's (informed) guesses fit their reality.  Quite sad that human nature predisposes some people to this way of thinking.  But that is how religion flourishes...

Let's distinguish between dating, which is often done by one or both partners strictly for the pleasure (certainly including sex), and marriage which is a contractual "lifetime" (LOL) commitment.

Certainly a lot of people in dating situations (women more than men) view it as hopefully leading to marriage, whereas a lot of other people (men more than women) will date until the "where is this going?" question (typically posed by the woman) comes to a head, which is when someone tends to get dumped.

I might like to talk to a medium for a few minutes until my bullshit-o-meter got buried in the red.  I'd probably wander off after that,  

Probably not - I went on a third date with a girl who was an atheist - I was having a lot of fun and then she said ... 'Hey I've always wanted to visit this fortune teller across the street there, I think that stuff is fascinating!'  - So that kind of ruined the mood and it got awkward from there on out...because even I couldn't fake excitement about something like that even if it was to 'get in her pants'.

Actually upon second thought, it would depend on whether or not she was up front about manipulating the weak minded - Or if she actually believed it.  One would be a turn on and the other would be a complete turn off.  

Did you see the headline in the USA Today about the midget fortune teller who escaped from jail? 

It read "Small medium at large"



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