So I was on an Online Dating site for gay men. Anyway this guy PM's me, and I have to admit that he wasn't bad looking at all.  I started chatting away with him trying to get to know him. We eventually get around to telling each other what we do for a living.  So he tells me that he is self employed, to which I said "fair play to you thats really cool".  Which is very impressive in these economic times and what not.  Then he breaks it to me "I'M A MEDIUM". 

I have to admit I was really taken aback by that and kinda disappointed. I didn't want to be rude at first, so I just said "Oh really that sounds really interesting" 

Then he said "yes I am"

So then I just blocked him lol.  I just cannot see myself dating someone who is basically making money from lying to people.  No offence to anyone who might believe in this .  Realistically speaking, it would just never work out.  I think its best that when it comes to dating, I'm best to just date other atheists.  And yes it is possible to date believers who are somewhat more mellow about their beliefs than others, but with a lot of believers it can create a big difference that can be quite frankly very hard to get passed and compromise over. 

What are your views on this people? Would you ever date a medium? 

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No way. (Okay, one way: she admits it's baloney and only does it to make money on the side.) Not because I can't put up with one foible, but because it's a strong indicator that the other person has a bunch of other attitudes and practices that would make us incompatible. Not interested, sorry.

There seems to be a lot of very frustrated males here. Sad really.

I could not be with anyone who believed in anything mythical which includes mediums. They know they are BS, they know they are making it all up, so what is to stop them making up stuff about you, to you. They are charletans, and should just join the line of other liars and cheats. One just has to have a good imagination and be able to tell a story. Voila, another medium is made.

@ Suzanne Olson-Hyde,

"There seems to be a lot of very frustrated males here. Sad really"

And one sexually frustrated female lashing out. Sad really.

Not frustrated, Suzanne, just opportunistic. 

They are charletans,

I am quite certain that some of them really believe it.  Doesn't make it worth a fresh lump of iguana dung, but it's not a lie.

Easy money is from lying or deceiving people..Just look how how wealthy the church is..

I've seen a channeling session at a relatives. I cannot disprove the legitimacy of it so I can't say it's fake. Looks easy to fake however.

I would not, nor would I date a "Large", I go more for the petite like my wife !

So even gay women go more for the gal with the more conventional body type. Born a woman, you don't want to be too tall, too heavy, too forward, or butt ugly.

Even gay women - who'd have thought, eh?

I dated a "Medium" for a while; somehow she knew I didn't believe in her.


Classic. :)


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