So I was on an Online Dating site for gay men. Anyway this guy PM's me, and I have to admit that he wasn't bad looking at all.  I started chatting away with him trying to get to know him. We eventually get around to telling each other what we do for a living.  So he tells me that he is self employed, to which I said "fair play to you thats really cool".  Which is very impressive in these economic times and what not.  Then he breaks it to me "I'M A MEDIUM". 

I have to admit I was really taken aback by that and kinda disappointed. I didn't want to be rude at first, so I just said "Oh really that sounds really interesting" 

Then he said "yes I am"

So then I just blocked him lol.  I just cannot see myself dating someone who is basically making money from lying to people.  No offence to anyone who might believe in this .  Realistically speaking, it would just never work out.  I think its best that when it comes to dating, I'm best to just date other atheists.  And yes it is possible to date believers who are somewhat more mellow about their beliefs than others, but with a lot of believers it can create a big difference that can be quite frankly very hard to get passed and compromise over. 

What are your views on this people? Would you ever date a medium? 

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Depends, if the girl was at least somewhat intelligent enough. I understand that rational people do not want to get involved with irrational people as it causes unwarranted tensions and problems. But if she was a good girl, faithful and loving, then small things like that shouldn't really matter. Although it entirely depends on the individuals themselves. Some might consider it a big deal and some might not.

At the end of the day there is more to life than these petty differences and arguments. All it matters is if the lover you are with, loves and wants to be with you, and grow old together with you or not. Everything else is all secondary

Date?  Sure.  If she's very attractive and could at least be entertaining for a while.  Be even better to play along with her "powers" and really get em goin on some stupid shit. 

LOL use her own pony tricks against her huh? Since she is just lying to everyone about "seeing the future", you can just lie to her about seeing the future as well. Together its one giant BS which involves getting laid with her. Hahhahaha nice

no more like agree with anything she that it inflates her sense of ability. 

Nah, I like mine rare!

I was with a girl who had practiced black magic once. Not surprisingly, she turned out to be crazy. So probably you were smarter than I was.

Nah, I'd prefer em to be large, C or D at least.


And I will not get involved with anyone religious or with a religious family.

Life is too short to have to deal with that kind of nonsense in your personal life.

Avoid any unnecessary stress and you will live a happy life.

if there are real than i would higher one to get me the nex 100 Mill power ball loto 

I second that.

funny shit dude

Third it.


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