So I was on an Online Dating site for gay men. Anyway this guy PM's me, and I have to admit that he wasn't bad looking at all.  I started chatting away with him trying to get to know him. We eventually get around to telling each other what we do for a living.  So he tells me that he is self employed, to which I said "fair play to you thats really cool".  Which is very impressive in these economic times and what not.  Then he breaks it to me "I'M A MEDIUM". 

I have to admit I was really taken aback by that and kinda disappointed. I didn't want to be rude at first, so I just said "Oh really that sounds really interesting" 

Then he said "yes I am"

So then I just blocked him lol.  I just cannot see myself dating someone who is basically making money from lying to people.  No offence to anyone who might believe in this .  Realistically speaking, it would just never work out.  I think its best that when it comes to dating, I'm best to just date other atheists.  And yes it is possible to date believers who are somewhat more mellow about their beliefs than others, but with a lot of believers it can create a big difference that can be quite frankly very hard to get passed and compromise over. 

What are your views on this people? Would you ever date a medium? 

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I thought gays liked them more on the large than medium size. 

Bad humor aside, what would have bothered me (were I to be gay) was him agreeing with "Oh really that sounds really interesting" with "Yes I am" meaning, I guess, "I'm really interesting," an assessment that should be left to you, not imposed upon you.

Now, were I to be presented with an attractive girl who thinks she's a medium, two things come to mind. The first, of course, is the dictum "Crazy chicks are the best sex." And when not getting it on with her, I might have her put me in touch with my deceased sister Jerolyn (who never existed). That could make for hours of amusement.

especially if she looked like Jennifer Love Hewitt like in that show she does about being a Medium or something

I think it's safe to say that he was responding to my clarification on being a medium. But in saying that if he really believes in that type of thing he probably thinks its the most interesting thing in the world. A lot of people into spiritualism tend to think its interesting for whatever reason.

You should have made up a deceased relative and see if he can "communicate" with him/her/and animal if you really wana screw with him xP. Sorry about that, sounds like a real bummer! I'm actually a magician and study these people. I do my own cold readings (in an entertainment context, I make sure people know I'm lying to them). Honesty is always a key thing in relationships, if you don't think that your partner can make an honest living, what else aren't they being honest about? Its something I am cautious of when getting into a relationship.

I once dated a tiny clairvoyant girl who was on the run from the police. I used to call her my "small medium at large".

I knew that would show up somewhere in this thread.I'm glad it's over with.  Now I can get on with my life!

@Gregg R Thomas - I think you protesteth a tad too much - sad really - poor blossom.
Maybe, and we can but only hope that you 'get lucky' in the not too distant future.

We can only hope, so keep trying, don't give up.

Passive aggressive comments won't change your own personal circumstance.

Sad Really.

Hell-fucking-yeah I'd date a conman! Someone who makes a living out of turning weak and superstitious people's stupidity into cash? That's hot.

@Gregg - That OK - You can call me anything you like, when it makes you feel better about yourself.

Thank you, the best of luck with your personal problems.

@Gregg - Thanks. Anytime you need help, just let me know, always wiling to help.


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