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HA HA HA!!! Hitler was a CATHOLIC you numbskulls!! Why should atheists have to apologize for the doings of someone who wasn't a non-believer?! LMAO!!! However, I willl recognize that his toxic hatred of jews wasn't that religious. But he was NOT an atheist! Why does everyone think he is?! Hitler had a sort of "love-hate" relationship with christianity.
He never denounced his catholicism and would often invoke God and Jesus in his public speechs. However, he had his own delusions with regards to christianity. He firmly believed that Jesus was not a Jew but a proud Aryan warrior intent on destroying the Jews. I believe he said somewhere that he wished greatly to eminate the proud example of Jesus' original anti-semitism... btw... there is NO doubt that he was a nutcase [delusion wise.... psychtrically he was perfectly sane]. But while he spent several speeches and letters praising christianity for it's anti-jewish doctrine, he also seemed to have a bipolarish type of flip and spend an equal ammount of time decrying the christian doctrine of "salvation for all" and "charity for all."

but was hitler an atheist? No ... he never was.
So you agree doone? He wasn't an atheist....
I read an article in the "Smithsonian" magazine by a devout Catholic that traveled to the Vatican specifically to disprove a nasty rumor that the Catholic religion not only stood by while Jews were being slaughtered, but supported Hitler. He couldn't believe that the Holy See could do such a filthy, despicable thing. Unfortunately, he discovered that the Pope at the time never rallied his devoted together to preach against the atrocities being committed against other human beings. Can you imagine if he had? He's a man with so much power. It would have cost him nothing to do so. But he didn't. Instead, he had Hitler over to dinner several times and kept his holy mouth shut. The Catholic who wrote the article was a rare man of his faith, truly believing in honesty and virtue, so he wrote this article even though it revealed ugly things about his beloved religion. I think he didn't want to see such things repeated; he wanted to learn from history.

The point here is, I don't think atheists had much to do with the Holocaust. But thanks for pointing fingers to deflect what's really going on, like always.
I think the beginning and end of this stupid accusation should be summed up thus: if Hitler breathed (which in itself was of course a major tragedy) it really doesn't mean everyone else who breathed should apologise. QED imho.
what a douchbag.


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