So I was in the car today reading out loud a passage from The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins. It talked about why religion was regarded as so serious and offensive when people do political cartoons, and why people don't give a crap when politicians are made fun of. Anyways when I told my mom this she got into this big discussion about how basically atheist have no morals. And how religion gives people morals to behave. In total she said that most of the world's killers do not have any morals because they did not have a religion to follow morals, so they can kill anybody they want because nobody told them they were wrong. So she thought I was not a psychopath because I was raised on religous morals and I was not I would probably be one.  I told my mom it is the exact opposite, because of religion we had people like the columbine killers or the Virginia tech shooter who believed they were god or that it was gods divine intervention to kill all these people. But of course my mom say's I do not understand enough about religion to part from it. That may be true, but at least I know I will maybe never by accepted as an atheist by my mom and I will never so anything horrible or crazy in the name of religion. I would like your feedback in how to deal with this issue with my parents or what your opinions on this are.

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Thanks for all the statistics and facts if I ever get into a conversation like this again I will present these facts and tell her how I have friends who were raised Atheist. And turned out to be better and understanding then most religious people turn out to be.
Not worth arguing with your mom about it, dude. Really, not worth arguing with ANY religious person about it.

As for you not understanding religion well enough to part from it, I have to wonder if she has an in-depth knowledge of Islam, Judaism, Wicca, and all the other religions of the 3,000+ gods she rejects out of hand. Suppose I say to you that a talking purple elephant tells me how to behave. Do you really have to have an understanding of the elephant and his will before deciding that this is bullshit? Seriously now.
Well she has knowledge about religions, but not really how it effects people. This is why it is easier to talk to my dad, since he studies religion as being a professor in Social Studies.
Thank You! If I ever have children when I am older I would do exactly the same thing you would do. Let them explore religion and not judge them by it, and chose their own set of morals.

PS: I am also a twin too!
Just point out the fact that the Bible has so many clear-cut examples of God's flawed and inconsistent morality, and point out that your own morality is a LOT better and higher than that of the God depicted in the Bible. You're better than God in terms of morals.
I know what you mean. My mom and I both watch that history channel TV show about the inaccuracies of the bible. And I think she knows the bible is f*cked up. But I guess she thinks the deeper meaning of it's morals or the less violent one's will help people become better citizens. Thanks for the comment and your right compared to my nice set of moral's, god in the bible was a freaking sadist!
Thanks for the suggestion. I agree with your views of course that the bible was probably written by some uneducated men back in the neolithic ages or right after that.
So often christians have already drunk the Kool Aid. Their is no point in causing a rift between you and your parents. Instead I suggest you offer up other opinions on the subject by a third party. Here is a video that you might have them watch.
Thanks! I will show this video to them when I have the chance.
I'm an atheist and I have morals. I kill my victims humanely before I eat them.
Very Funny!


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