"atheists have failed to account for the "first cause" argument for God's existence."

I am a former pentecostal turned...to anything but religion. I am very grateful for seeing the truth opened up to me (by an atheist).  I am trying to find my personal position. At present, I am assuredly agnostic, but leaning toward atheism altogether. I would love to hear what you all have to say regarding the quote/title of this thread. 


The title is an excerpt from an article, "'Helter Skelter' author challenges God in his new book". In context it reads:


" The faithful take a beating in Bugliosi's book, but he doesn't spare atheists either.

"When I hear theists and atheists pontificating on how they know God does or does not exist, I can only smile at the irrationality and, yes, vanity of the notion," he writes.

Bugliosi believes that atheists have failed to account for the "first cause" argument for God's existence - that someone or something created the universe. "We know from our human experience that nothing in existence can give itself existence because if it did, then it would have to have preceded itself, an impossibility," he writes. "


The whole article is here:

Read more: http://www.kansascity.com/2011/04/27/2830053/helter-skelter-author-... 


I look forward to your responses.






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That is not true if your stairs lead to danger, and the railing to safety. :)
But how can you make a claim of such profound knowledge?
I did not state, a knowing of the thing hence the "if" but all and nothing thing is possible. :)
Well without knowledge of the statistically improbable being the case then the knowledge of what is statistically most certain remains the best bet.  Therefore, as a default choice, I do in fact know it is safer to choose the stairs.
With out all the facts, "I" would concider what you know as a possibility, and what you don't know just as possible. But as you don't know for a fact, there is the chance you are right and wrong.
Chance will decide, but that is what I don't know.
When a gas leak develops you can stand at the top of the stairs debating this, Ima gonna run down the stairs and get the fuck outta there.
what if the stairs are on fire , but over the railing lies a nice soft queen bed that just happened to be there just for you?  ;P
If that is the fact of the case, then I would slide down the rail and get there before u, but only if that was the fact, as there could be as many reasons to jump the rail as there are to use the the stairs, we both could be wrong or right.
Then I will KNOW that is the better route and adjust, while Epicurious up there will be left uncertain that anything can be known.

Blegh! The only fact I know is the fact of my ignorance, yadda yadda yadda.

Since we don't live in a philosophy book but in an observable and testable reality absolute truth is completely unnecessary to progress in live. You only need to have  justified belief to be able to make a decision, not absolute truth.

Uncertainty of knowing has stop few from action, it is the relm of chance that carries us on. How would you not know that the your presents on the stairs does not cause the natural gas to explode. But all this over stairs or a rail, I deny you your prize for I pick the window and knowing be damned. I jump. Ta ta for now. :)

PS sharp mind keep it up, oh by the way do u play chess?
I do not play chess because it is a solved game. At one point I had memorized 12 moves in, ignoring useless moves, and that was enough to beat anyone I ever had, or was likely to play in person.


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