We've all heard this before: "atheists dont believe in anything," and of course that is not true. Unfortunately, I hear this all too often. Since beliefs are an individual thing (especially among the secular community), I pose the question to you: What do you believe in?


I'd love to hear as many thoughts as possible. Hopefully this discussion will generate a diverse enough pool that it would be worthwhile to link this as a response to statements like the one above.

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I believe that each of us has only so much time to live, so we should use that time as fully as possible.

I believe that our actions effect those around us, so we should be mindful of what we say and do.

I believe that the powers of kindness and simple respect can move mountains, but there is always that one person in a hundred that needs a straight up pop in the mouth to give them a little clarity and humility.

Believe in yourself!

Very well said.

I don't believe in "anything"?

Is cause and effect nothing? I believe I'm on the Earth, not the Moon. I believe I'm alive or I wouldn't be answering this question. I believe chicken tastes better than beef liver. I believe cats and dogs make good pets.

I believe all kinds of things.

What they mean is that atheists don't believe in things that can ONLY be believed because there is no evidence that would turn the belief into knowledge.

Blind faith, you mean?

They equate belief with blind faith. Yes.

That's interesting.  I tried blind faith on for size, so to speak, to see if I could identify with it.  The only thing that comes to mind is optimism.  I am an optimist, in so many ways.  I have been very lucky in my life (and yes I think it might be down to attitude, but there are a lot of 'lucky' things that have happened to me in my life).

Would you classify optimism as blind faith?

About luck - there are those who carry a rabbit's foot for luck. Just remember, the rabbit had four of them, and it didn't do him a lot of good --

They didn't carry a St. Christoper's medal with them.

Thanks Unseen, I'm co-opting this for myself with a bit of editing:

"I believe in things that can be believed only because there is evidence that would turn that belief into knowledge."

Faith is believing what you know ain't so. -Mark Twain

I believe that if gods exist and they are infinite then we can't injure them but we can injure our fellow men. To this end then gods don't need us as we need we our fellow man.

I believe we write our bible every time we add a scientific fact to the pool of knowledge and this bible will not be finished as long as man can discover a new fact.

I believe we can't take the claim of anyone claiming to have heard a revelation from any deity, for all I care he must be hallucinating.

I believe if I take beer in copious quantities I am likely to pass out.

That sex is a beautiful thing when done right.

Enough said 


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