Hi All,

We had a discussion many moons ago about atheists and morality and a lot has happened since then. I reached some new conclusions (which I'll withhold for now so I don't poison the water) and at least one other poster here has some new ideas about it.

So, I was wondering what the prevailing opinion is out there on this topic. Do you believe that atheists can be "moral"? Is it impossible for an atheist to be truly moral? Is "morality" something to which adherents have a valid claim? The infamous Dawkins and Harris had a discussion at Oxford about this about a year or so ago that was very good and I would also be interested in what anyone thinks of what was discussed there.

Thanks and all are welcome.

- kk

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Ahhhhhh, nice. okay. Now I understand. I don't know why I was assuming it was on an individual level. ;-)

- kk

Evolutionary processes are responsible for animals.

animals have behaviors that are produced through evolutionary processes.

Humans are animals.

Morality is part of human behavior.

Therefore you can explain human morality through evolutionary models.

Hey Daniel,

This is very close to how I am looking at it. I agree that we have little choice but to start there, if we assume the concept of morality is valid in the first place.

- kk


Hey, I'm putting it all over the board! Ignore it! Discuss around it! But remember, you heard it here --

Hey Jessica, someone by the name of "Sarah" has hijacked your account :-) - kk

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Well, in all modesty, a little clairvoyance helps --

Arch, and by the way, why don't you chime in? - kk

Chime in? The most immoral person I know, discussing morality?

To mix Shakespearean quotations, here's all I know about morality (it's one you have to think about a bit):

"Nothing ever is right nor wrong, but thinking makes it so." "Aye, there's the rub."

Really, the person you want is John Major - hunt him down, and you have a discussion.

Nobody wants John Major.  If you plan to hunt him down, on behalf of Her Maj's subjects, we waive the law regarding the illegality of guns for this one instance.  However, we feel an insect spray would most likely be adequate.


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