For a long time people that know me have been telling me they think I may suffer from depression and/or anxiety.  So much so that I began to believe it.  I am still somewhat open to the possibility, but my position on the matter is: so what?  I'm not hurting anyone.  I'm certainly not going to alter my body chemistry just because it doesn't match what is "normal".  Where would evolution have gone if all species could change themselves back to "normal"?


Last night I read this article about shyness, introversion, and social anxiety.  It confirmed many of my thoughts on the matter, and got me to research introversion more.  Before, I had been aware of the general idea of introversion/extroversion (never studied psychology that much), but I did not know that it could be such a specific and pervasive behavioral trait.  After much reading I found that on the introvert/extrovert scale, I'm about as introverted as you could possibly get.


Anyway, in the article the author references Winifred Gallagher: “The glory of the disposition that stops to consider stimuli rather than rushing to engage with them is its long association with intellectual and artistic achievement."  It got me thinking about religion.  Are introverts more likely to analyze the inconsistencies and problems with religion before (or even after) committing to one?  How many atheists are introverts?


So, do you consider yourself more introverted than extroverted?  A poll would be awesome, but I don't see an option to add one.

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Thanks for trying!  Please don't go out of your way on my account.

Well , I think your statement about depression 'not being normal so why care' is just off the wall.  If this is offensive that is ok because I think you still need to hear it.  


I was very much an introvert when I was 18.  This turned into a serious depression where I locked myself in my dorm , didn't eat for days and stopped contact with all my family and friends.  I failed all my college courses.  The police had to open up my dorm room when the semester ended because I hadn't left the dorm for weeks , except at night when I quickly had to go out and get food.  My family thought I was dead.  


I was not a happy person at that time in my life.  I got professional help and started forcing myself to socialize.  Since then I have been happier and haven't been depressed.  


So , think what you want about depression.  It is a serious issue that needs to be dealt with maturely and if you think you have symptoms you should seek professional help because it can over take you without you knowing it.  Then you'll be helpless.  


I'm an extrovert now - used to be introverted.  I like my life better now.  It's more fun and rewarding.  Being an introvert was lonely and sad.  





No offense taken at all.  I mean I was looking for all kinds of feedback.  It's an issue I've been wrestling with for a while now, but I just really can't afford "help" at the moment - even if i did think i really needed it.

I'm introverted in the sense that I prefer my alone time, i.e. I have headphones on at work in my cubicle and really want an office where I can shut the door, I don't like talking to strangers, prefer e-mail over phone, etc. However, in the substantial amount of social settings I seek out, usually 2-3 nights per week, I'm extremely extroverted and open - even to complete strangers. In addition I routinely have to talk to people I barely know face to face and it is something I really like,

A limited number of very good friends, whom I trust absolutely and I know wish me well, and a large circle of acquaintances is quite common where I am from. 

Facebook is a good tool in this matter I believe, friendship maps have a tendency to be more revealing than the MBTI imho. Post yours and let the psychologists in this thread go wild. ;)


I am very much an introvert. I would MUCH rather spend time alone than socialize. Growing up I always felt like an outsider, terribly shy (still am), and just kind of felt like a freak. But it all made sense to me when I came across this whole business about introvert/extrovert (I think 1st in Jung) and realized that I was an introvert; and that the only real problem is that since there are way more extroverts than introverts, introverts have it doubly tough.
cool link, thx :) I found that to be very accurate, both about how I see myself and how I think I am perceived by others.
Wow, I found that very interesting.  I saw a lot of myself while reading that.  Thanks for posting that.
I especially liked #10 which said that we introverts don't need to be "fixed". 
Definitely an introvert, but happily (and sometimes painfully) married to an extrovert.

A decade ago I started working as a repair technician in a Best Buy service center, and I worked my way up to become the manager of 60+ other technicians. It was interesting to me, not only because these technicians very much like me in personality (they were often socially awkward) but as their boss, when any of them would become philosophical about life, I could tell they were struggling with depression. And depression was rampant among us. I think it made me a good boss, being able to relate to them.

Now I manage an online writers' community that I've built from the ground up. The best writers are normally introverts, often very sensitive emotionally. I would say it's almost the tortured-artist syndrome.

I don't have any training in this field, but being able to relate to other introverts helps me in day-to-day life. As for being Atheist, it does seem that the introspective and always-questioning traits of an introvert does often lead to a lack of belief in God.
I am very introverted because I grew up as a Jehovah's Witnesses and wasn't allow to associate with other kids.  There was a time when I was almost mute with anxiety and didn't speak much at all.  I have the ability to be very friendly too, if someone else opens up to me first i open up wide.
introvert, in a way that..most of the time i dont initiate conversation with other especially stranger without reason, i'm not fond of parties or crowded places, i have small group of friends..tho am extrovert when i'm in my comfort area..i think...
I honestly don't know. I have been shy, but I see that as self conceit more than true introversion. But I have also been fond of putting on a show. The safety of a stage, I suppose. I do suffer from depression, though, and that has manifested itself in ways that might seem counter-intuitive - mainly anger issues. I have wondered if this contributed to my skepticism, but my atheism essentially manifested after I started getting help.


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