For a long time people that know me have been telling me they think I may suffer from depression and/or anxiety.  So much so that I began to believe it.  I am still somewhat open to the possibility, but my position on the matter is: so what?  I'm not hurting anyone.  I'm certainly not going to alter my body chemistry just because it doesn't match what is "normal".  Where would evolution have gone if all species could change themselves back to "normal"?


Last night I read this article about shyness, introversion, and social anxiety.  It confirmed many of my thoughts on the matter, and got me to research introversion more.  Before, I had been aware of the general idea of introversion/extroversion (never studied psychology that much), but I did not know that it could be such a specific and pervasive behavioral trait.  After much reading I found that on the introvert/extrovert scale, I'm about as introverted as you could possibly get.


Anyway, in the article the author references Winifred Gallagher: “The glory of the disposition that stops to consider stimuli rather than rushing to engage with them is its long association with intellectual and artistic achievement."  It got me thinking about religion.  Are introverts more likely to analyze the inconsistencies and problems with religion before (or even after) committing to one?  How many atheists are introverts?


So, do you consider yourself more introverted than extroverted?  A poll would be awesome, but I don't see an option to add one.

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I think you may have gotten me a bit wrong. :)

I'm not saying you shouldn't, at any point, go see a medical doctor (or doctors). However, if I were you I wouldn't hope there was something medically wrong with me. It's pretty heavy to be diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder vs a psychological condition, and I'd make damned sure it wasn't the former before changing. The professions intermingle, but they know quite well the limits of their knowledge.

If you are not sick, medicine (in this case it would be more correct to call them mind altering drugs) may not be the best cure.

Oh. No. Internet miscommunication (dang inability to communicate intent!).


I was apologizing for calling the specialist something she wasn't. My friend gave me a card to a specialist, not a psychiatrist. That's all.


As far as hoping... actually, yes, I'm hoping something is wrong with me, because if not, then all of my problems will literally have no explanation, and that will pretty much throw me back into depression (I was suicidal at 13... I mean actually suicidal... tried 5 times, in fact... although now I couldn't do it... I feel like it's way too selfish as, no matter how bad things get, there is always someone out there you will hurt in killing yourself).

Well, to put it bluntly, if you have failed at doing something which is a bit silly, you might have better success at doing something smart. :)

It's a bit overblown, but the difference is that I need at least 9 hours of sleep in winter to feel rested while 5-6 suffices in summer. Beer doesn't taste as good, smoking outside sucks, women wear more clothing, the parties are never fun.. everything's wrong with winter (which is why I emigrated as soon as I feasibly could).

I'm not sure if this was addressed to me or not, but I'm not self-diagnosing based on my introversion alone. It's based on pretty much everything that I feel is wrong with me: introversion, only hearing half of what people say, worst short-term memory ever (I lose so many things so easily it's pathetic), a lack of motivation even when I want to do something (like losing weight; I desperately need to and want to, yet, despite the fact that I know I have to, and that I really do want to, I can't seem to get myself to actually do what's necessary), my over-active mind (I will literally have songs, conversations, ideas, and more going on all at once at any given moment of every day; it keeps me awake most nights, and, many times, without realizing it, I end up vocalizing one of the things going through my head... and that gets awkward as hell when others hear me... actually, I'm vocalizing what I type in this post as I type it... and my mom has twice asked me what I'm talking about), a seeming complete lack of self-control, the amount of time I spend on the computer (without someone telling me to get off, I could easily spend a full 24 hours online), my inability to pay attention, my inability to look people in the eyes, my near-obsessive attachment to certain things (music [again, especially Led Zeppelin... I can tell you things about them that your average fan shouldn't know], politics, science... I've even become an evolution-proselytizer, because even though I hate proselytizing, I hate Creationists more), my anger issues...






Sorry... I should stop. This is off-topic...

Ok then Nathan. In the average fan shouldn't know department', how about...

Penis lengths of all the members ranked from smallest to largest.

@ Marc

Robert Plant, 4 1/2" extending to 7 3/4"
Jimmy Page, 5" extending to 8"
John Bonham, 5" extending to 8 1/4"
John Paul Jones, 5 3/4" extending to 8 3/4"  (Big John)


Is this anything like a friend of mine telling his 'superior' at work, 'Well we could just wip it out and plop in on to the table to prove our points?' LOL

Any correlation between sufferers of depression and introversion also having high external locus of control and self-blame?
Introverted, definitely introverted, but in my comfort zone I'm turn extroverted.

I am extremely introverted. My ideal day would be hiding out alone somewhere with my dog and a pile of books. There is probably at least some correlation between introversion and belief systems, but what that may be, I don't know.


My jobs require me to act extroverted. So, while I'm on the clock, I'm the ultra outgoing friendly, overcaffeinated while still socially awkward oddball.

I'm quite introverted, mainly because listening to other people's stupid bullshit gets on my nerves. I only associate with a close handpicked group of people, and talking to strangers only occurs if I think of something witty. However, I have this desire to be the center of attention, the life of the party. I think it stems from the fact that I didn't get much attention as a kid. Teachers would forget I was in their class, classmates wouldn't acknowledge my presence, even my parents STILL forget I'm even in the house, even though I'm 6'3" 360lbs and am usually the largest human in any room.


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