A common comment that will be thrown at you when debating or discussing with a theist will be that "if you don't get your morality from god, where do you get your morality" or "are atheists then immoral" or something else of that flavor. There are many way to address these comments such as discussing where morals come from and the definition of morals, which can be tricky, or that morality is intrinsic in each being and you don't need god to have them or that morals preceded religion and there are plenty of examples that can go along with that last point. These can all be very effective but I heard something the other day that I felt made a lot of sense.

When asked "were you a moral person", the person, who was an atheist said, "you're right I'm not moral because morals is a set of behavioral guidelines derived from authority whether real or imagined and I don't use morality in my day to day life to make decisions, however I'm a very ethical person, and I think that social ethics as they evolved out of social dynamics, are a better course to pursue then morality, because if you're being a moral person, and you are doing what the authority has instructed you to do,  that authority may not in itself be moral. So for me social ethics are the way to go."

Now I understand that by ethics are defined as moral behaviors. But the distinction is blurry to me. So I would like to hear your opinion on a) the differences between the two if there are any in your view and b) your preferred method to answer this question. How do you answer someone who comes at you with the "morality" argument?

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For sadists, yes, it's like peanut butter and jelly, they go together --

The masochist said to the sadist.. "Hit me".. the sadist replied "No".... 

Weird question: "Is it ethical to beat & humiliate them? =C'

toperf= 'to perform'

Suggest the following: (A  asks B) toperf (C on A) 

M=Masochist          N=Normal         S=Sadist

          M        N      S    

M       y         n       y                Responce: y= yes/maybe       

N       ?         n       n                                 n= no!

S       y         n       y                                 ?= uncertain


Anyone one else have an idea if this makes sense? 

Fascinating read, Wesley - thank you!


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