I, a pale, Irish-blooded caucasian, was actually called a nigger today. I was minding my own business, wandering the isles of Walmart on a noble quest for some light snackage, when a middle aged, slightly inbred-looking redneck proceeded to rush me with his shopping cart. The marginally disruptive maneuver was in vain, however. Using my lighting-fast ninja reflexes, I easily dodged his enthusiastic attempt to walk-block. As he angrily shoved past, his attack thwarted, I actually heard this person call me, and I quote: a "fucking nigger", after which he stormed off in a huff with his groceries. And what, one might ask, could have possibly provoked this sudden, aggressive act of mild inconvenience? Why, the fact that I was wearing a t-shirt with the word "Atheist" on the front, of course. The lesson of this story? Never associate oneself with atheism in the south, or people will try to run you over with shopping carts while berating you with unfitting racial slurs. And that, ladies and mentlegen, is one of the innumerable reasons why I so passionately detest living in the Bible Belt.

And so I ask you, fellow atheists, freethinkers, and secular humanists - has anyone else had any inexplicable/unprovoked confrontations with religi-tards such as the one described above?

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Maybe he was crazy. The fact that he called you xyz, instead of 'stupid f'ing atheist' would belie your theory. As an aside, I'm an unapologetic atheist in the buckle of the belt, and my nextdoor neighbor, a fairly famous evangelical fundamentalist who helped found one of the US's more notorious evangelical organizations was ok with me babysitting his 5 kids. They tried to evangelize me, but never in a mean or pushy way. They even invited me for thanksgiving dinner, and it was very nice.

I think they prayed for me and my husband a lot, but alas, it didn't take. And now I'm here with you xyz's. Go figure. My coworker gave me a strange look when I told her I was atheist, and proclaimed she had "just never met one" when I asked her what the problem was. She's now my boss. We're not exactly friends, but that is not a product of anything other than the fact that she's just not very nice. I dislike her less than  most, and I don't care if she likes me or no.

I don't think the guy was crazy. He's just a bigot who thinks white people will take great offense if you call them African Americans in the typical bigot vernacular. Pretty pathetic.

Not yet, but I can't wait to buy a shirt, what a great way to open up a conversation! 

And good for you by the way.....more of us need to be visible and smother them with our charm....or whatever else might be  needed. 


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