I, a pale, Irish-blooded caucasian, was actually called a nigger today. I was minding my own business, wandering the isles of Walmart on a noble quest for some light snackage, when a middle aged, slightly inbred-looking redneck proceeded to rush me with his shopping cart. The marginally disruptive maneuver was in vain, however. Using my lighting-fast ninja reflexes, I easily dodged his enthusiastic attempt to walk-block. As he angrily shoved past, his attack thwarted, I actually heard this person call me, and I quote: a "fucking nigger", after which he stormed off in a huff with his groceries. And what, one might ask, could have possibly provoked this sudden, aggressive act of mild inconvenience? Why, the fact that I was wearing a t-shirt with the word "Atheist" on the front, of course. The lesson of this story? Never associate oneself with atheism in the south, or people will try to run you over with shopping carts while berating you with unfitting racial slurs. And that, ladies and mentlegen, is one of the innumerable reasons why I so passionately detest living in the Bible Belt.

And so I ask you, fellow atheists, freethinkers, and secular humanists - has anyone else had any inexplicable/unprovoked confrontations with religi-tards such as the one described above?

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I remember that another member here posted an image with the word "nigger" used in it, and the thread was closed/censored because some other thinskinned member couldn't stop bitching about it being offensive. I hope the same wont happen again.

Anyway, you should've asked him AYAK? and see how he responds.

Man I've been down the whole eastern coast from Nova Scotia to florida and the south is awful. It's like they have a "Self Deportation" policy for anyone who graduated from the fourth grade. I don't know why anyone still lives in the south or the middle east. I tried to by a pack of smokes in southern Virgina and when the lady behind the counter saw the holligram on my I.D. it was like I had pulled out a lightsaber, I shutter to think what would have happened if I had flicked my lighter and said "Oh, Oh, FIre." No smokes for me that day, she wouldn't take my space I.D.

I spent a year in Hancock county Mississippi.  When I told people that my occupation was "production machinist" they acted like I was the risen messiah, and everybody thought I was a drug dealer since I drove a new Camaro.  wtf?

Come on folks we all know there are Walmart wackos all across this fine land. The deep South is not the exclusive domain for these airheads. I live here in Arkansas and because I am an artisan and try to keep local business opportunities flowing I don't advertise my atheism on t-shirts. If I end my business at some point then I might entertain that notion. The Abrahamic religions are extremely intolerant of we heathens, to the point of taking personal offense that I decline to believe in their particular invisible being. It's childish behavior that says a lot about their religion and it's foundations. 

Not being the type to be intimidated I would of told the redneck to meet me in the phuckin' parking lot and we could continue interacting.

I'm not trying to defend the Christian scumbag in anyway but isn't wearing an atheist t-shirt in a southern Walmart a bit like carrying a sign that says lynch me please? If you're going to ask for it don't be surprised if you get it.

Oh, I wasn't surprised that someone insulted me for wearing the shirt. In fact, half the reason I went to Walmart was to see how people would react, to get an idea of just how backward people are in my area. I was more baffled by the fact that the guy couldn't come up with a better insult than, "fucking nigger". I guess I really need to lower my expectations when it comes to these people.

I was at University of Tennessee with 10,000 kids at the Destination Imagination Global Finals in 2003.  I was 7 months pregnant, and when I walked around the corner at the hotel and a kid was running at me full speed.  We had a near miss, and I yelled, "Jesus Christ!"

As I was calming myself down, a lady came out of her hotel room and said, "Who's swearing out here?"  (She was from the Mississippi group staying at the same hotel.)  I sincerely said, "Someone's swearing?"

She said, "Yes, someone took the Lord's name in vain.  We don't appreciate that kind of talk around here."  I said, "Oh, THAT.  I did it.  Shit!   Sorry."

I really was sorry.  We laughed about it for hours though.  I guess we northerners are just heathens.

I have seriously torqued some people off with my goddams, goddam-fuckings, godfuckingdamnits, etc.  And I was raised to think "goddamn[ed]" was less obnoxious than "fucking" when used as an adjective.

I never could figure out the point behind "Don't take the load's name in vain."  The sentence doesn't even parse.  If they said "Don't use god's name as a fucking cussword" it would at least make some modicum of sense.

Huh? Of course it parses. I feel like I'm missing a joke or something.

This has happen to me a few times. The last time I suggested that the fellow mind his own business, and suggested that since he is most likely not an appointed speech nazi to stuff it! 

Sadly, many in my extended family are card carrying rednecks. At a recent family reunion, I did find a few folks that thought nothing about validating the more extream ideas of the Occupy X Paranoid Redneck sub group. I have an Occupy leaning sensability, but my more rationalist desire for honesty, interfers with a full on protestor status/commitment.

I must be nice to my loving, but 'interesting', extended family members. One has gifted a horse to us, after they retire in a few weeks.

Do not ware a tee shirt like that in WalMart unless you are looking for a problem. No one should shop at WalMart.


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