I was recently in Alaska doing some work. The crew that I was working with was the stereo-typical conservative god fearing crowd. Something struck me about them. They pack guns. On the job site there were guns. When they went fishing, there were guns (makes some sense since bears are common on the rivers). No matter what they were doing, there were guns. A thought occurred to me. Do atheists carry guns? I have four firearms, but only bought one of them because an uncle needed some bucks. The others were given to me as family gifts. The thought of bringing one never occurred to me. We don't have kids, so I really would have to think about the location of them all and the bullets for them. I just don't have an interest in guns. I'm not afraid of anything, so why would I care? 

So the real question that occurred to me is, do any atheists carry firearms? I do know of one. The largess of those that pack in my life are religionists. What are you afraid of? Why do you pack? If we live in the "greatest country" as Americans, why do you have to pack heat? Once in my 36 years do I recall a use for a weapon, but it may have made the situation much worse. If in most countries people don't feel the need to pack, doesn't that refute the greatest country claim on it's face? 

I have no judgement of those that want to pack. I defend that right as closely as the next. I'm not bothered by it. In the Czech Republic I was in a bar with three pistols on the table because we had just been target practicing. I enjoyed that true freedom that we don't have here. But does a transgression like stealing my wallet warrant death? Short of abuse of my child or wife, I don't know when I would pull the trigger. I'm quite capable of damage to anyone without my wrestling background. So why would I pack? If you are an atheist that packs, why is that, and can you justify it without fear? This is a new thought, so I'd love to hear all positions on it.  

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If it's the one I'm thinking of it says "God gave us guns. To protect us from the dinosaurs. And homosexuals".

I also love that it has a little WWJD logo in the corner. LMAO
A gun is a tool and like any other tool it has a purpose. Whenever you carry a tool for a reason other than its purpose there is probably an element of fear involved. A rational person, not just an atheist, should be asking themselves some questions:

Is the fear justified?
Will carrying this tool provide the means to resolve that fear?
Do the potential ends justify the means?

Of course, the purpose of many guns is to kill people. If one is not carrying a gun specifically to kill people then one needs to go back to the questions above.
I don't own a gun and I don't ever see myself owning a gun. Maybe if I enjoyed hunting or target shooting I'd own one but I'd never just carry it around. Bad shit happens all the time regardless of packing or owning a gun. I just try to keep myself out of positions where 'bad things' are likely to happen. As a small female I don't walk around late at night by myself, I don't flash cash all over the place, I don't wear expensive jewelry, I park in well lit and open areas, I stay out of alleys, I approach my car in a way that I can see all the way around it, ect ect... That's the kind of thing that makes me feel safer carrying a gun would personally make me feel very unsafe.

I'm not opposed to gun ownership but I think it needs to be well regulated and people who want to own and carry one should take the proper safety courses and learn how to properly use the model they decide to carry. Everyone has the right to own a gun (in my country according to the constitution) but they don't have the right to put my life in danger by not being properly trained and mentally prepared for the responsibility that comes with gun ownership. Right to life comes before right to gun ownership.
Scary! I'll have to keep that all this in mind the next time I go to a bar without the boyfriend. I already always approach my car in a way that I can see underneath it/around it and I also do the back seat check. I also make sure my keys are ready and I hold them in the way that would make it easy for me to jab someone with them....

Don't we sound like a couple of paranoid girls. :)
When the 2nd Amendment was written, most people lived outside of cities and they still bled patients. I think Obama said something during his Presidential campaign that many people missed or ignored. There is a huge difference between a rural boy with a .22 rifle and a urban boy with a 9mm handgun.
"There is a huge difference between a rural boy with a .22 rifle and a urban boy with a 9mm handgun."

Too true. IMO regulation is the answer.
"But don't get me wrong. I think firearms are beautiful pieces of engineering and ergonomy. I'm in awe of the formidable potential force they hold."

Nicely put.
In Seattle we have an Underground tour. It's interesting if you are into the history of the town. Recently I took a cousin and their child through it and something struck me. I'm standing there looking at old pictures of Seattle and there is a German family there. I clue into having been in Dresden and seeing the opulence of the 18th and 19th century Europeans. In the US we were still trying to survive and build cities and wouldn't burn to the ground. The rural/survival nature that we had has to be a large part of why we are so pro-gun in the US, on top of the political impetus of course. So what is the difference between the US and Canada? Similar histories, but Canadians aren't nearly as afraid. I don't know where that difference came to be between us, but it's pretty stark between the US and Europe.

Jean, that bank robbery was in California. Los Angeles, to be exact. It resembled the climatic shootout in the movie Heat. There was no time for SWAT to respond intitially (but they did show up at some point before it was over).
SWAT did arrive, if memory serves (which it usually doesn't). But first responders were outgunned and resorted to borrowing weaponry from a nearby gun shop. SWAT takes time to assemble and deploy. Even 5 minutes is an eternity in a gun battle.
If you're referring to the "North Hollywood Shootout", it would seem that officers borrowing weaponry from a gun store is an urban myth. The only reference I can find is a CNN news report that has no citation for the claim.

The police reports that I have seen do not mention it.
What do you need automatic weapons for? For shooting beer cans of the fence!


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