I was recently in Alaska doing some work. The crew that I was working with was the stereo-typical conservative god fearing crowd. Something struck me about them. They pack guns. On the job site there were guns. When they went fishing, there were guns (makes some sense since bears are common on the rivers). No matter what they were doing, there were guns. A thought occurred to me. Do atheists carry guns? I have four firearms, but only bought one of them because an uncle needed some bucks. The others were given to me as family gifts. The thought of bringing one never occurred to me. We don't have kids, so I really would have to think about the location of them all and the bullets for them. I just don't have an interest in guns. I'm not afraid of anything, so why would I care? 

So the real question that occurred to me is, do any atheists carry firearms? I do know of one. The largess of those that pack in my life are religionists. What are you afraid of? Why do you pack? If we live in the "greatest country" as Americans, why do you have to pack heat? Once in my 36 years do I recall a use for a weapon, but it may have made the situation much worse. If in most countries people don't feel the need to pack, doesn't that refute the greatest country claim on it's face? 

I have no judgement of those that want to pack. I defend that right as closely as the next. I'm not bothered by it. In the Czech Republic I was in a bar with three pistols on the table because we had just been target practicing. I enjoyed that true freedom that we don't have here. But does a transgression like stealing my wallet warrant death? Short of abuse of my child or wife, I don't know when I would pull the trigger. I'm quite capable of damage to anyone without my wrestling background. So why would I pack? If you are an atheist that packs, why is that, and can you justify it without fear? This is a new thought, so I'd love to hear all positions on it.  

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I own guns, have done all the proper safety courses (non-conceal carry) and quite enjoy both hunting and target practice.
I do not carry in public, because no matter how cool chicks with guns look in the movies, no one realizes what a fucking pain in the ass ALL holsters are (at least in my experience, on my frame, with the type of clothing I like to wear.)
Being uncomfortable does indeed outweigh the need for me.
I have traveled the world and quite literally feel myself to be in more danger of experiencing a violent crime here in the Bay Area, California than I did on the streets of Bangkok.
Even then, I still don't feel that my life is in grave enough danger that a gun would be a benefit.
You know what makes me feel safe?
Walking with my 90lb Doberman, Ramsay.
People do not mess with you when you have a very scary looking dog.
Likewise, my husband is British, and I don't feel like we could justify the expense of his safety courses, ect.. all the boxes we need to tick for me to feel like I've met my moral obligations to have one in my home.
Above all, I'm a constitutionalist. I fully believe that as an American, I have a RIGHT to own a gun, just like I have a RIGHT to vote, to peacefully assemble and to petition the government for grievances.
However, I don't do those things on a daily basis, either.
Just because it's a right doesn't mean it's a need. Where I am in my life right now, I do not feel the need to be the type of responsible adult that goes with gun ownership.
My apartment is on the third floor, in a good neighborhood behind two auto-lock gates, with patrolling security after ten p.m.
I have a large dog, a quick reaction time when threatened, and frankly I'm admittedly a bit sadistic under certain circumstances.
I can handle myself in a physical confrontation, and the average crack head junkie carrying a knife doesn't even know how to use it, anyway. That means it's really, really easy to take the blade away and turn it on 'em. The guy doing the mugging can handle the responsibilities of weapon ownership, and save me the trouble, thank you.
I just want to be able to defend myself should the need arise. I do not want to pull the trigger but if I show my gun to someone in my defense and they are stupid enough to persist I will shot at them. I may not hit them because I would most likely be scared senseless, but you'd imagine that would finally scare somebody off.

And when you miss, what happens to the bullet? What if you hit an innocent bystander across the street? What if your gun is taken and used against you?

Not to deter you from getting your permit, but these are things you must think about before becoming a firearm owner that carries.
Hi Kayris. We are in the same area. The mall shootings have happened twice to my knowledge. The last one was in 2005. Then we had the Maurice Clemmons shootings last year. Clemmons illustrates reality well. Four armed officers shot and killed with one non-fatal shot to Clemmons. They couldn't even draw fast enough and they trained for that and have done it under pressure before. Now add the scramble through the purse problem... I don't know of a single person having been mugged which is where it's most likely to come in handy. It's a pretty fantastic scenario to come up with one where you might be able to do something good with the gun. For some, that one off chance is enough. I'm with the dog crowd. He's 90 lbs and hunts lions. I'm 180 and in shape. Who do you shoot first?
Tis much to be preferred to have a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not have it.
That's treading close to Pascal. I do see the reasoning behind it though.
Until you accidentally shoot yourself in the foot.
Uh, Reggie, you are a member of godless gunners? I agree one needs the training to handle guns and be responsible with them.
It was more metaphorical than literal. From accidental shootings to extra bravado, there are many ways having a gun can change things that make the statement of "better to have than not have" a little more complicated than adding or subtracting a single value from the equation.
That's true of most things.
I suppose I was stating the obvious, then. ;-)
"To protect us from the christians and the fundamentalists"
This is what I mean Doug. Those who make excuses for guns do not look at the full picture. Guns kill, I know they can be used in defence, but they still Kill.
As an Atheist I am against kiling period, so why is anyone making excuses for owning a gun..


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