I was recently in Alaska doing some work. The crew that I was working with was the stereo-typical conservative god fearing crowd. Something struck me about them. They pack guns. On the job site there were guns. When they went fishing, there were guns (makes some sense since bears are common on the rivers). No matter what they were doing, there were guns. A thought occurred to me. Do atheists carry guns? I have four firearms, but only bought one of them because an uncle needed some bucks. The others were given to me as family gifts. The thought of bringing one never occurred to me. We don't have kids, so I really would have to think about the location of them all and the bullets for them. I just don't have an interest in guns. I'm not afraid of anything, so why would I care? 

So the real question that occurred to me is, do any atheists carry firearms? I do know of one. The largess of those that pack in my life are religionists. What are you afraid of? Why do you pack? If we live in the "greatest country" as Americans, why do you have to pack heat? Once in my 36 years do I recall a use for a weapon, but it may have made the situation much worse. If in most countries people don't feel the need to pack, doesn't that refute the greatest country claim on it's face? 

I have no judgement of those that want to pack. I defend that right as closely as the next. I'm not bothered by it. In the Czech Republic I was in a bar with three pistols on the table because we had just been target practicing. I enjoyed that true freedom that we don't have here. But does a transgression like stealing my wallet warrant death? Short of abuse of my child or wife, I don't know when I would pull the trigger. I'm quite capable of damage to anyone without my wrestling background. So why would I pack? If you are an atheist that packs, why is that, and can you justify it without fear? This is a new thought, so I'd love to hear all positions on it.  

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This why I do not waste my time having discussions about racism with most North Americans from the mainstream culture. Most are to ignorant to have an intelligent conversation about racism.

Ignorant means lack of knowledge.

So, are you in North America or elsewhere? What is it that we are ignorant of, other than the definition of "ignorant"?
"I think a more accurate way to express your point would be saying "I don't have the power to be oppressive"."

George that is a good way of saying it.

That makes more sense to me.
You are so naive its pitiful.

Why don't you tone it down?

We are all passionate about some things. But we can keep it respectful of the person even while we eviscerate their opinions or ideas.

So, don't make me pull the car over.
I never would have guessed that Satan had such a thin skin...
I had to leave T|A and re-register because of a frustrating technical issue with Ning. I did not think to uncheck that box when I left or that it would affect every thread I posted on or started.

I apologize for that.

I changed my name because it was negative.
"First, I do not need a white person telling me what the answer to racism is. That is patronizing and condescending. I do not need a white savior."

Actually this response is racist in itself, you clearly have instantly assumed that Jean Marie is a white person and that a white person discussing racism with you is condescending. How about a native from Ireland, surely they are white and surely they and their relatives have a more oppressed history than yourself or anyone in your family lineage has experienced. Would a native Irishman speaking to you about racism also be condescending simply because he is white skinned, you would not find him to be a kindred spirit? You clearly carry a very unnecessary chip on your shoulder.
i feel no ethnic group has suffered more than US blacks, as well as many other nations' blacks

I don't know. The Native Americans sure got treated poorly. I guess the case could be made that when your people get exterminated, there is no one left to treat poorly.
Actually, if you include the plagues that the white man brought to the Americas, the native american population suffered more than probably any other ethnic group. In excess of 90% of their population died.
Sure helped pave the way for whitey.
I am not concerned about social criminals, my weapons will be for protection against law enforcement officers and racists.

Do you have issues with roving bands of racists?

Also, how far do you think you'll be able to protect your community from the police (and that doesn't really even make sense to me)? Do you think you will vanquish the local and state police in a gun battle?
that is a ridiculous question unless you are being sarcastic.

I was being sarcastic. I'm not sure where you are coming from. I guess either I am not paranoid enough or I'm not up on current events enough to realize the dire threat that White Supremacists pose in the USA. What I hear from you is like color inverted, race war hysteria I hear from white folks hoarding ammo and guns.

Are you serious? No one could do it alone that would be absurd. That is why people organize with like-minded people.

Are you serious? And what is with the condescending attitude? I have not read that book, but I might add it to my queue. So now you are not just saying that you will own guns to protect yourself and the community from the police and the whites. Now you are saying that you will organize groups to do that? I must have missed that the first time.

EDIT: I see now in your other posts that you may not be in the USA. I guess I really don't understand the dynamics of where you are, but neither do you seem to understand the dynamics of where Americans are.


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