A rather misleading title, I assure you.
In truth, all technology so advanced as to be unrecognizable as technology is traditionally labeled supernatural.
My phone is something off of Star Trek, my coffee maker from Hogwarts, and this laptop has a magical touch screen that I swear can read my moods and freeze up accordingly.
It is supernatural to me. I cannot see this technology exist in nature. My brain cannot fathom that the little parts inside these machines were mined from the ground or chopped from a forest. It does not recognizably come from nature, therefore it is supernatural.

The human body, the environment around us, and even the particles that make up our being were once attributed to spirits, the will of the gods and a thousand other fairy tales. As science progressed, this plane of imagination grew ever smaller. Things that held mystery and studious lore have eventually faded into the boring textbooks of school children, medical students and hungover college kids.

Science have always had hints of things to come.
Daniel Rutherford knew that there were 'other kinds of air' as he trapped mice under glass jars and burned away their oxygen with a candle flame. He had no name, no word for this tasteless, odorless, invisible gas, but he knew something existed.
In 1683, an entirely new dimension was opened up before the eyes of Antony Van Leeuwenhoek. He used a window to observe for the first time...bacteria. Invisible. Tasteless. Odorless, but none the less powerful enough to effect life and death over the entire planet.
How many more such discoveries await us?
How many other dimensions, invisible variables and life altering impacts are in the future.
I cannot believe that technology has fulfilled it's development, or that we even know what is left to discover.

Without divine guidance, we accept that our lives are a blip on the radar of eternity.
Much like the theory of 'other gasses' our theories of 'other dimensions' or 'other universes' might well be common knowledge some day.
The supernatural might well become the unfathomably but none the less incredibly natural in a few generations.

As atheists we do not believe in a god. As people, some of us suspect that there is something more...something having nothing whatsoever to do with Heaven, Hell, Mt. Olympus or Nevernever.
Perhaps you've seen hints of it, and like antique coal miners, hope to cage a canary for further investigation.

Until science proves to me that there is something 'other' I take all assumptions and guesses (even my own) with skepticism. After all, the greatest doctors of their day once were certain that ill health came from an imbalance of humours.

Please don't let that keep you from sharing, however.
Who would have thought that the real reason was tiny little 'animalcules' running around in our bodies?

Consider this an exercise in imagination as much as investigation?


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One of the educational channels had a program on showing evidence of ancient carving, but they had to superimpose a digital image in order for everyone to see the same thing. I was a great fan of Erich von Daniken in elementary school, but I grew out of it. My school science teacher explained that you are supposed to unearth evidence first and the form your conclusion, not the other way around. If o0nly more people thought this way!
What happens when we have a brain injury or stroke, does some of that spirit or energy leave. Does some but not all of the "soul" depart?
Isn't it funny that when science finally discovers just what made something behave a certain way, the explanation is always been sooo much different from the theories posited? People used to blame Zeus for the lightning. Turns out, it's just an "atmospheric discharge of electricity accompanied by thunder" (Wikipedia). No one is up there black-smithing lightning bolts and lobbing them towards earth. Why do we even imagine some invisible being (who almost always resembles a human) is responsible for the unexplained anyway??
Probably for a similar reason that our ancestors assumed that the rustling of the bushes was a lion. :) We humans have a native tendency to assign an agent to events. And in the case of events that we could not effect ourselves, naturally it's something bigger and more powerful than us. And our ego assumes anything more powerful than us, would still look like us. ;)
Unexplained phenomena are always with us until it becomes phenomena scientifically explainable or simply continues to be unexplained. Case in point, Dark matter, outside of warping space-time, i.e. acting as a gravity lens it is not detectable by direct observation, as such many theories have emerged as to what it is. Also it always seems to be right sized with every galaxy in addition to every galaxies supermassive black hole in the center. Then there is inter galactic dark matter that supports the structure of vast galactic clusters. Notwithstanding there are evolving transient models that introduce the presence of dark matter and dark energy with no understanding from first principles and have evolved universal structures similar to what is present today. However these models still have their faults since galaxies spin as solid plates with a virtually flat angular velocity profile and to date these models fail to achieve this perfectly particularly in the case of globular clusters.
Poetic analogy, love conducts like heat in accordance with nature law.
That would give new meaning to the theme song to Fame:

I'm gonna make it to heaven. Light up the sky like a flame. Fame! I'm gonna live forever. Baby, remember my name. Remember, remember, remember, remember, ...
I had this same conversation with my wife and children just yesterday, at dinner.

My wife and kids believe In the initial spark, that started the big bang, don't believe in intellegent design, supernatural phenomena, but believe that our energy (life force, spirit(egad!),soul) leaves us and roams the ether. I wish I had an answer, that included science and physics, for them. Someone posted "energy into heat, dissipates and leaves our bodys." Works for me. Einstein said, "energy cannot be destroyed".....

Great blog!

Depends on the battery, I suppose. Take the one that runs my vibrator, for instance.....
...I'm all ears.
I see the 'Life Force' idea as being similar to the ether, epicycles in the crystal spheres, and phlogiston. A hypothesis that has failed to find any evidence to support its claims. Whether it is a soul, the Force, the Quickening, or a nebulous 'enlivening energy force', there's no actual evidence to support its supposed xistence.
nice blog pal


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