I just left a group I joined a few weeks ago as I  have contributed not a sausage. I dont actually know why I joined as I am not against liberals or some liberal policy's

My leaning are socialist in nature barr a few right wing views which you could count on one hand.

My main  gripes are with religon, passive atheists, agnostic  sit on the fence lovlies and Glasgow celtic fans.

thats that then

i was listening the radiohead song creep


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this pictures brings back many a happy memory, imagine the above scene, now add lots of snow and two very drunk young lads. we were working in the very posh charlie parkers restaurants ltd, royal exchange square about 1 min from above statue. we had finsished work and went to the club next door called pazzaz, owed bby our boss. it was 6am and the sun was out, we had work that day at 10am.

we decided to get a police cone and started the clim up, my mate stuart brough, a ginger had given me a punnty up. I reached the horse and after putting the very dirty and crumpled cone on top i started to ride the horse, yes ride it. anyway as we are both laughing two local glasgow police officers turn up and tell me to get down. I told them i would only gert down after my horse was safely in its stable.

after some name calling by the police and a threat of physical violence 9i came down. I must add , they made me take of the cone.
we were both taken to stewart street police station for the remainder of that day and let out later on. we missed work. we were charged with a breach of the peace and fined £50.

the next week it was my friend stuart turn, everything went smoothly.

thanks doone, that brought back a nice memory and i told the kids what a dick there dad was on the drink. 14 byears later and no drink i miss those times

take care my celtic supporting friend
How you can be an atheist and a conservative at the same time still confuses me. Afterall... aren't conservatives ACTIVELY working to keep us from having civil rights as atheists? IDK... but I'm not going to judge... if you want to be a conservative, that's fine with me.
I can see from political or economic standpoints how atheists can consider themselves Conservatives. On social fronts, it is a bit baffling to me as well, since modern day Conservatives are so entwined with the Bible and religion as is their moral judgements.
@ sky
atheists is a person with no believe in a god or gods, it does not matter what my other views are. who are you to judge anyway, even inplying that your not going to judge.

sadly there will be atheists out there who are sex offenders, rapists, every scum under the sun but we will be only aware that they have no beliefe in a god or gods by the statement, I am an atheist.

sleep well
Umm... BTW... your link to "Passive atheists" is broken... could you please explain to me what a "passive atheist" is. I consider myself a "passivist" - b/c I think war is ugly and evil and often pointless... but what is a "passive atheist."

And when you include "agnostics" as your main gripes, what do you mean? The ppl who are agnostic atheists [ie... we don't think there is a god but we can't disprove god either - so we just say, there is probably no god, so we're going to act as if there isn't one.] or people who say that they're not "atheists" they're "agnostics."

Different atheists have different attitudes towards their atheism and the theism of others. One difference which has persisted for a long time is whether to attack theistic religion aggressively or to adopt a more conciliatory stance - an atheism which is critical, but doesn't go out of its way to criticize.

as for the agnostics, simple, they are undecided, on the fence. probably no god says it all,
Hi it feels like it's months since i posted this discussion i have lost my way. Please dont think I am not answering , its just getting to much. If anyone has a question please dont hesitate to contact me.

love george
everytime i click on the reply to link i get taken back to the start of the discussion.

i will reply asap
wow, or did you just copy me man. hurry up man and spill the beans or its mulder and scully i will be emailing.

take care
i dont suppose my little dig at the phrase there is probably no god will bring its own comments, so let me say this

i would put myself in the level 7 atheist catagory, i believe that a lot more people would put themselves on this stand point, however there is one problem for my fellow atheists and thats that they do not want to be tarred with the same brush as the fundies.

Now I can see their point about there not being evidence to support this, however lets take a closer look at why I can say there is no biblical god, It is biblical god were talking about here, not some massively superior super being from the next galaxy or universe.

How much evidence do we need to say without doubt there is not a biblical god, not just probably. Beofre i blab on I have to say there is a major difference on the fundie position and those of us that say there is no god. the fundies are saying this based on story telling , dogma, their big book of bollocks. We the enlightened are saying this from a base of fact supported by evidence.

the bible tells us, he made heaven and earth in 6 days and on the 7th he masterbated ( SORRY COULD NOT HELP THAT). Now inmagine if science had not told us about cosmology and the evolutuion of the universe, we would have no evidence against such utter tosh. Lets take adam and eve, again without the science behind the evolution of the earth we would be hard pressed to categorically state that this is not the case. Now the holy tell us these are just parables and such but this is just cheery picking, the more we dent there case the more they cheery pick.

what i am getting at is , we take this stanced based on evidence and facts, we are just to fucking scared to actually come out and say. there is no god, fuck that probably crap. I mean how much evidencce does it takefor some to take the probably out of the phrase.

we need someone to stand up, people like dave G , norgan, doon, gator, nelson, johhny, dan, misty , reggie, frink, chelsea, monicks, matt, dawkins and all the others to come out.

iam sure i have loads more to say on this subject, i was thinking of starting a new discussion but alas .

keep it loud and proud
(Really wanted to jump on the agnostic definitions). =)

@ Neal - You will have to teach me restraint when it comes to that subject. I can't seem to help myself from jumping in.
tell me more regg


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