Atheist slogans to ward off door to door christians.

Hi everyone,

    I have always thought about putting a slogan or quote on my front door to try and ward off the door to door Christians. Just wondering if anyone has any good ones that will make atheists laugh but religious people slightly offended or uncomfortable?

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Now that is what i would call a very pro-active attitude. You can have some fun, they loose their time, and some innocent is saved from them. It is a 3-way win situation.



Hah! 3-way with two Christians and an atheist.. Now there's an excellent way of really fucking over religion. ;)

Hmm, I like that reasoning better than "I'm just trying to save you some time, goodbye.".

Beware Attack Atheist Inside

I would personally invite them in to debate. I find it fun.

Tbh I quite like it when they come to my door.  I always try to convert them into giving up their beliefs.  Is that bad?  My wife gets pissed when I do that she thinks I have a problem. I just LOVE arguing with religious people.  I would put a sign saying 'knock here I have something I want to talk to you about!      

shame on me! i was once of those cracked heads =(

I've got a sign at my door that says, "Religious callers leave now".  As tempted as I am to write a pamphlet explaining everything wrong with Christianity and the Bible, I figured that would just make them want to argue, and as they already presume that the, "Please do not knock" sticker doesn't apply to them I don't want to give them any excuse.

I work at night and don't want to be disturbed, but even when I worked during the day I didn't want people ramming their ill-considered beliefs down my throat.

What I really need is a way to make religious people at work stop trying to convert me and taking their anti-science conspiracy theories out on me (I read New Scientist magazine - that makes me a target for the anti-science nuts).  I could tear their beliefs into tiny little pieces, but that doesn't bode well for a pleasant working environment, and HR would have a bit of an issue with it ...

Hi Ian,

    You might consider talking to HR about your co-workers inappropriate workplace conversations. Not everyone believes as they do, so this kind of proselytising is inflammatory to the peace of the workplace. Similar to politics, religion should be left out of the workplace.

That's tempting but I think it would come back and bite me, I'm afraid.  I'm planning to simply no longer speak to the offender.  He's not in my team anymore, so he has no business reasons to speak to me.  We'll see how long it takes him to figure out that he's offended me.

If I weren't concerned about consequences, I'd just point out the huge flaws in his religion.  It wouldn't change his mind, but it would make him want to avoid me as much as I want to avoid him ;-)

If you can...let them know tactfully how extremely offensive it is when they meddle in your non-belief of their stupid delusions and how disruptive it is for your work. Are they likely to castigate you if you do so or bring it up with HR?


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