Atheist slogans to ward off door to door christians.

Hi everyone,

    I have always thought about putting a slogan or quote on my front door to try and ward off the door to door Christians. Just wondering if anyone has any good ones that will make atheists laugh but religious people slightly offended or uncomfortable?

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I have a button of this...


A blood donor sticker would work for the JW's and be innocuous to everyone else if you're not wanting to make a blanket statement to all.

No I am looking to make a blanket statement to all.... In my town we typically get JWs and Mormons. occasionally there is some other wacky religion handing out flyers on the train or something too.


JW's won't even knock at your door if they think you are a blood donor? why? (crazy religious dogma obviously but can someone be more specific?)

“All who knock deny the holy spirit”

P.s. The doorbell doesn’t work

lmao! And if they knock/ring, open the door, give them a hug and welcome them to "Club Damned" >=D

Many assume that they aren't allowed to give blood. Although giving isn't actually a JW offense, recieving a transfusion is. They believe that bloods only purpose is atonement for sins. They also site verse directing not to 'ingest' blood as a defense for this belief. I've also hear one talk as if the blood is the soul and that giving blood is like giving away part of you soul. I haven't found any support for that view, but found it interesting. So in short, donation is technically okay, but many lump it in with the taboo transfusion.
Interesting, thanks.
It gets even more ridiculous when you get into the differences between whole blood, plama, platelets and other blood products.
Your god and your soul reside in the same place: the imagination center of your brain.

If you believe in the bible, then you disbelieve the bible for contradicting your beliefs.


Jesus died on the cross for me? what were his last words?


How come God never mentioned hell until a hebrew carpenter claimed to have seen it? is it because he realized he had already created hell on earth and could keep that as an 'ace up his sleeve' in case we ever, as a species, advanced beyond this, or did he simply not think of it until he needed somewhere to put all the people who denied responsibility for killing his little boy?

Jesus never said "Slavery is Wrong!"

Mankind said "Slavery is Wrong!"

Who do you think is moral?

Don't ward them off, let them spend hours trying to unsuccessfully convince you so they don't successfully convince someone else. :)


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