I plan on getting married at some point in my life, but I certainly don't want God, Jesus, Zeus, Vishnu, or anything else I don't believe in to crash my party.

Some people might think atheists shouldn't have wedding because they are religious, and so we shouldn't want them in the first place. But I think marriage is too important and special not to honor in some way with an equally important ceremony. After all, there is nothing religious about love.

Fortunately, humanist celebrants can be found nation wide (US).

I wondered if anyone here had a humanist wedding performed and if you were satisfied with it.

And a question to others. Do you think atheists should have marriage ceremonies? Would/will you?

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I remember this topic being discussed over at Friendly Atheist. Take a look, it should be helpful:
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Thanks much for the link!
Thanks for the advice.

"we had a big shin-dig that took us about eighteen months to pay off. ;-)"

Guess the fiance and I will start saving up! :D
We got married almsot 4 years ago

we didnt have one word of god, not one mention of it.

Our wedding was personalised to us, and our minster of the peace was a fantastic guy, gave so much helpful advice and went and prepared the most wonderful ceremony for us.

My mother in law was not happy we were not married in the face of god, but then she didnt like the fact we were getting married anyways, if i was religious she would have been unhappy it was a religous one.

I was more than satisfied with my wedding, I even had the theme from JAWS as my bridal march.
I think back on the day with fond memories, id do it all over again.
its not the dress, its not who the caterers are, its the vows that make marriage.

we didnt have any of the BS that you get with most religious wedding, ours was informal, loving, and very very *us*.

from the wacky music, to me falling over dancing it was so us.
The JAWS-theme?! This is beyond awesome
Wish I would've done this. Planning for a traditional wedding destroys your will to live.
We had a non-religious wedding 5 years ago. In fact our anniversary is this coming Sunday January 18th.

A friend of mine who attended Illinois State University knew a history professor who was ordained and legally able to perform wedding ceremonies. He was a great guy and he let me run the whole thing. I wrote the entire ceremony myself and he showed up and read it. He even bought us a gift. He claimed that out of the 16 ceremonies he had performed over the years (all non religious) he has kept in touch with them and they have all lasted. I e-mail him around our anniversary each year to let him know his track record is still safe.

It felt very much like a traditional wedding and I really don't think it was obvious to everyone present that there was no religious references. My VERY religious grandmother commented on how beautiful the ceremony was. If she had realized it was an atheist wedding she was the kind of person who would not have been able to hold her tongue. She would have informed me of the hellfire and brimstone waiting for me.

My family was so caught up in the fact that I changed my last name that they didn't realize god hadn't been invited. My wife and I combined our last names (first half of mine + second half of hers) to form a new name. We thought it was a good way to symbolize the joining of our lives. My family failed to see the gesture as anything but disrespectful. Oh well....
Disrespectful? I think it's a neat idea!
First Church of Atheism....look it up, some people had the same problem. I'm ordained through them to do weddings and funerals.
Doing this in July, we decided, after seeing the weddings of a few friends, that even though my fiance isn't strictly an atheist (she's not religious at all either though) we didn't want any priest or pastor or anything making our marriage into a sermon. We're having a ceremony about us, our relationship, and our matured love, and there's no reason to think God had anything to do with it. Fortunately in Colorado the law is you can officiate your own marriage, no justice of the peace or pastor needed, so that's what we'll be doing.
My atheist husband and myself were married 2 years ago. We were married by his college roommate's father, a Buddhist, because he meant something to us. We found vows online that we tweaked to our liking that neither mentioned god nor forever. We did actually include 1 Corinthians 13, not because it was from any particular book, but because we liked the sentiment when our officiant suggested it.

Honestly, our officiant came up with the ceremony that morning (I knew we were forgetting some little detail...) and apart from the vows that we came up with in advance and the amusement that we had a bible verse, I have absolutely no clue what was said or what we agreed to.

I highly recommend a videographer for the ceremony, even if it's just your uncle with a video camera. (His uncle got everything but the ceremony on tape...)
I actually just got engaged a short while ago and we are going to plan a non-religious wedding. My fiance is a Wiccan and I an Atheist, yet we both come from Catholic families. But it will be our day, so we are doing what we want. No church, so we will do the ceremony outdoors somewhere, and with no religious mention of any kind. Personalized or self-written vows and no pastor either. We will either get someone we know deputized for the day, or 'ordained' on www.firstchurchofatheism.com. I feel that that little touch will make the ceremony even that much more special. We are going to try and keep the gathering small though, but then a funny party afterward. :)


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