I recently went to a wedding of one of my boyfriends old friends. It was quite religious with an opening prayer, lots of references to what the bible says about marriage, songs that were religious, more prayers and all that nonsense. 

My boyfriend, who is an atheist, mentioned that he would want that for his wedding because "it's tradition and there would be hell to pay from my family if there wasn't". I personally don't want all that garbage poisoning my wedding, and as for the family, it would be our wedding and not theirs. Why should we do things we don't want to placate them?

My question to you is, what would be right for an atheist? What is your opinion on how an atheist wedding should be? What is your opinion on having a religious wedding to satisfy family members?

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I would like a proper wedding, one with a cake and flowers and vows and family members all there. But I refuse to try and satisfy everyone when it's my wedding. 

Congratulations on your 40 year marriage, its rare these days.

That's beautiful.

Is that you Blaine? That's so cute

Yea I know what you mean, life is too short

This is so what I want when my boyfriend and I marry! Just the two of us celebrating what we know we have and want for our future. My boyfriend, however, really connects with tradition, so I'm sure we'll settle on a simple wedding. I keep trying to convince him that a ceremony under a tree and then a picnic reception would be fabulous, but he's not so sure our guests would love blankets as their tables/chairs. I think we could pull it off with just a few tables for grandparents and such.

This is how I feel, that it's my wedding and should be planned around what me and my partner want. 

Your wedding sounds amazing, almost along the lines of what I was thinking. Love the lego idea!

You were not born to please others. You first, then others. So no religious weddings if you don't want it.

When I got married, it was by a Justice of the Peace.  I absolutely refuse to be part of any religious ceremony, including any marriage under the auspices of an entity in which I do not believe - God."  Think about it: if I recite the lines,"...so help me God," I've just given myself permission to not regard the marriage as a binding contract.  It's as though I signed the marriage license,"Donald Duck."  It renders it meaningless to an atheist. 

You make a good point. Another reason for it not to be included in a proper wedding.

I say just go to a court house and then just use the money to take a long trip to Mexico or something.

I would prefer a wedding where all I do is go to the court house, sign the paper and then head off to the honey moon. I have no interest in these traditional wedding ceremonies or reception parties


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