Atheist trends in the public at large and observing increasing levels of extremism in a dwindling number of faithful.

So I’m curious about the observations of the members of this community about the people around them and changing attitudes or opinions on faith among those people. What have you noticed about the public stated opinions and personal opinions of those around you? Have you noticed an increase in Atheism and skepticism or a decrease? How have you influenced the people in your lives or have you remained silent or kept to yourself to let others come to their own conclusions? In those that you know are very faithful have they become more extreme in their views? How many people do you think are mostly paying lip service? In my life without much influence of my own the number of skeptics and straight out Atheists has increased to levels that have really surprised me. I’m observing this even in people I never would have thought to question faith. The interesting thing to me though is while it seems more people that I observe are leaning away from faith that some of the people who are not moving to the skeptic corner are adopting more freighting views by the moment to the point of becoming very worrying.

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Most of the people I associate with are either sceptics, atheist, or spiritual rather than religious.  Many are more than one.  Some are all three.  My encounters with the devoutly religious, including members of my own family show an increasing belligerence.  I attribute the latter to the knowledge that their world view is increasingly at odds with an ever increasing amount of the population.  Christopher Hitchens called this evidence of the death throes of religion as it had been known.  I'd have to say I agree with him.

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