I'm turning 18 tomorrow. I've been waiting for this for a very long time, I really just want to get a tattoo. I want it to be about atheism because it's one of the few things in my life that I know wont change. I'm really starting with nothing here, I have nothing particular in mind, so I'm open to all suggestions. I don't even know if I'm getting a quote, artwork, or otherwise. I'd also like to see others atheist tattoos if you have any. 

That picture is of an amazing tattoo, but I think its a bit much for me, especially for my first tattoo.

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I feel like I should be able to display my beliefs on my body wherever I'd like. Just like Christians and others can put their crosses, stars of David, and other religious symbols on their body in plain sight without being criticized or ridiculed. I am not going to let them win and make me feel like I have to "hide" my atheism just because they don't agree with it or they aren't comfortable with it. 

I do feel the same way about Christian paraphernalia and declarations like tattoos, but as with tattoos, they are free to put them in my face. We live in a free country,

I found some of the things he said insulting as well. It's okay though, I understand that some people just don't like or agree with getting tattoos, and that's okay... It's not like I'm getting the tattoo to impress them or anything. 

If being an atheist is such a major part of who you are then go for it. I think that any written message tattoo no matter how clever will get played out in time. If you don't want to hear don't don't ask "do or don't". Where you take insult is beyond me.

I do feel it's a big part of my life. I understand that was just your opinion, and that's what I was asking for, so really, I shouldn't be insulted, so I take back what I said. My apologies (:

I know one who has the following tattooet:



Where N in imagine and O in religion is colored red and the rest is black and all letters is spaced so it the colored NO is aligned horisontal so it actually says Imagine no religion - like this T-shirt  

cafepress - Imagine No Religion

I think it is awesome.

Personally I am getting one from my left scapular to my left wrist of two snakes twisting around the arm and ending with a red gem in their mouth whit the atheist A in the middle - a girlfriend is drawing it  

As a general rule of thumb, its not a good idea to get a tattoo based on a current belief or state of mind. Ideas change, and with them peoples minds. You might love that tattoo for years, and one day you might become religious out of nowhere and regret it the rest of your life. If you get a tattoo, it should be a matter of your expression or something truly beautiful and artistic. Tattoos shouldn't be slapped on your body to advertise a slogan or a belief.
Ndo not get any tattoos of any current/ex bf or gf, no baby momma or baby daddy names tattooed, matter of fact no names at all unless that of your kids.

great artwork. i'm also in the same ark as you (lol). i've been looking for good tattoo ideas. body art is one of my many interests, and i don't want something i'll regret.


i have a few tattoos about atheism
try to find a design of a rosary but instead of having the typical one replace it with the dna structure as the beads and at the end the atheist logo a big A with some atoms revolving on it

Although this is old news, here is a tattoo I recently received.

Angle 1

Angle 2

In case you don't know, 

ἄθεος: without god, without (the only true) God, godless 


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