I'm turning 18 tomorrow. I've been waiting for this for a very long time, I really just want to get a tattoo. I want it to be about atheism because it's one of the few things in my life that I know wont change. I'm really starting with nothing here, I have nothing particular in mind, so I'm open to all suggestions. I don't even know if I'm getting a quote, artwork, or otherwise. I'd also like to see others atheist tattoos if you have any. 

That picture is of an amazing tattoo, but I think its a bit much for me, especially for my first tattoo.

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I am planning on doing this symbol for my next tattoo, still not sure were to put it though.

This is an awesome design..

Nice!! ;)

As someone who's dedicated a vast majority of my skin to tattooing, and even plan to devote almost all of it to art, I would encourage you to think long and hard about your possible piece.  With each piece you obtain, and especially because your first possible piece is atheistic in nature, be absolutely sure it's what you want for yourself.

I say this not from a pedestal, but as someone who is (conceivably) likeminded.  I wrestled with what I believe to be the fact that there is no god quite a long time ago, and am only ready now to even consider the idea of a tattoo outwardly displaying my atheism.

Obviously I am not privy to your journey to atheism, so you very well may be in a place where an atheist sign is appropriate for you, and I would encourage you to find the image you like and make it your own over the course of a year.  I would give anyone this advice, even for something entirely unrelated to religion, simply because you will carry it for the remainder of your life.

This response may be entirely meaningless to you, but I still wish best of luck to your search!

I have been thinking about what tattoos I want since I was like 13. I'm really glad I waited because if I had gotten any of those tattoos I would wholeheartedly regret them now. I do feel like I'm in a place where an atheist tattoo would be completely appropriate. I've changed my mind countless times about which tattoo to get, so I definitely want to wait and sit on the idea (for a few months at least) of a few specific ones and see how I feel about them then. Your response was anything but meaningless(:

Check out this one from one of our members: http://www.thinkatheist.com/photo/my-tree-of-life?context=featured

One of the coolest science/dna tats I have seen in a while.


SO pretty!  Real tree of life.

Thats amazing. I love this. 

Emphatically agree.

Hell yea thats me lol


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