I've been itching to get a new tattoo. I want one that says HEY! I THINK ATHEIST! (and so should you) without saying it in quite so many words. I have a bunch of symbols running down my spine, so I thought a nice atheist symbol could rest right on top of the row.
Any ideas? If you have an atheist tattoo, I'd love to hear about it / them!
I'll go out as soon as I find the right idea and sketch it out!
Thanks, guys =]

Ps- One of my friends got "Not" and "Saved" tattooed to his kneecaps. It looks amazing. It's much more masculine than something I would get (you know, as a girl). I love the idea of getting that, but at the same time I think it points to needing to be saved. But what are your thoughts?

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Thanks! ^^

If I had to get an atheist tattoo I would go for something that carries deep symbolism, this is my idea:

The link below is to a jpg which is a snapshot of the coine greek word for atheist (atheoi/atheos...without god), from an early manuscript of Ephesians. Next time a Christian stops you you say you have the most important word in the bible tattooed on your ...fill in bank... 




I've actually painted an abstract version of this with the words burning in flames which is now hanging on my wall I'll send a picture if you're interested.


Good luck

Rob, hi, if you could send me it, I'd be a right happy chappy. Have been considering an Atheist tat for many an age now- well, many an age may be a tad OTT, considering I'm 19 and only recently got my first tattoo but yeah; then again, people say "the other day" and mean "a month ago" etc, so I suppose it's not too out of the ordinary for me to say many an age, although I'm not sure why I felt the need to explain this in the first place, so ANYWAY enough of that- whatever that is. Not sure if you need my email address, not sure how this site works yet- I'm a newbie here you see. Anyway, yes, err; EwanLawrenson@gmail.com if you need it, if not, cool. Thanks in advance, comrade.

Sure I would like to check it out. I'm looking for an idea that represents my happy to be atheist self lol. I've actually gained the interests of what seemed to be good women and they wanted to go the step further with me. Once they found out I was atheist some said horrible things to me, but all stepped out of my life for good. This has got to stop. But I cannot lie because I respect others religion. I just don't like those that are fools. Anyway enough of my rant. If you're still around I'd like to check it out my email is Jasonsmith01@gmail.com :)

There is one I've seen that isn't too obvious. It's Darwin's sketches of the tree of life. If you aren't familiar with them, they simply look like twigs or lines, but if you are, they pretty much spell it out for you.




Or a more contemporary tree of life:




Subtle, very symbolic. I've been considering getting a tattoo of it as well, if I ever get a tattoo.



If you had no other tattoos, and wanted a long one you could get "my other tattoo shows my religious beliefs."


Or you could get Leviticus 19:28 for the irony (the verse forbids tattoos).


If you want something that could be small you could get a symbol like one of these, for example.

I think the IPU symbol has been mentioned by somebody.  The symbol I would choose should promote intelligent discussion and this one works for me.  Here's a link to some tattoo images of it. 

I have the IPU car logo and people are always wondering what it is which gets into some funny conversations where I don't even mention the word 'Atheist'.  I think it looks very cool as a tattoo all on it's own regardless of meaning too.  Better than all the symbols with the letter 'A' in it somewhere (like a scarlet letter or something). 

I know this is a late arrival, but I've been thinking of using Spinoza's Caute! sub rosa. I feel it would be a good reminder that, as atheists, we shouldn't have to hide our beliefs. Of course, I would leave Spinoza's initials out of it. I would consider inserting my own.

SICK BRO ! Actually pretty tight wording too makes sense - i just got ATHEOS going down my tricep 

nice, Post a pic!

I am also looking or an appropriate tattoo image that speaks to me. I found this one that I like and am considering getting it on my foot. I like the organic look it has over other typical atheist A symbols.


Here are mine. the "Evolve" fish is on my wrist.  I've had the Fallen Angel for about a year. and the Atom was done the same time as my fish in August.

Lets see If I can post all three in one shot.



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